In Other News: The Job Each State Googles More Than Anyone Else… Come on, Georgia

| February 2, 2016
source: Zippia

source: Zippia

A career website called Zippia analyzed Google searches to figure out what job the people in each state search for more than anywhere else. And God bless Georgia. Here are the five best results:

1. Let’s get the most important one out of the way first: People in Georgia search for “STRIPPER JOBS” more than anyone else.

2. Some states search for things that line up with their stereotypes pretty well. The top search in Oregon is “urban farmer” . . . in Minnesota it’s “lumberjack” . . . in West Virginia it’s “coal jobs” . . . and in Wisconsin it’s “beer brewer.”

3. It’s hard to pick the SADDEST result. Let’s say it’s between Colorado, where people are searching for “account manager” . . . South Carolina, where they search for “sewer jobs” . . . or Nebraska, where they search for “telemarketing jobs.”

4. The top search in North Carolina is “pirate jobs,” which SHOULD be hilarious . . . except that East Carolina University’s mascot is the Pirates. So it’s probably just people looking for work there.

5. And finally, a few more strange ones: “Lion tamer jobs” are big in California . . . “lighthouse keeper jobs” are big in Michigan . . . and apparently New York can’t let go of a sort-of hot trend from a few years ago, because “professional cuddler” is number one.

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