Suspected South Carolina bank robber caught in Georgia

| February 11, 2016


ASHBURN – Turner County’s sheriff arrested a man Wednesday suspected of robbing a bank in South Carolina earlier in the day.

At 9:40 a.m., police in Union, South Carolina responded to the Founders Federal Credit Union after a man entered the bank and reportedly told cashiers he had a gun. The man then drove off in a silver Pontiac Sunfire with South Carolina tags, reports Fox Carolina.

Turner County Sheriff Andy Hester received an alert about the robbery and drove through the parking lot of the Best Western near Interstate 75 in Ashburn. Hester found a vehicle matching the description from the robbery.

Glen Roth, 62, gave himself over to authorities after his hotel room was surrounded by deputies and Georgia State Patrol troopers. Roth reportedly was still in possession of most of the money taken from the bank in South Carolina, reports WALB.

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4 Comments on "Suspected South Carolina bank robber caught in Georgia"

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  1. dixie&trixie says:

    No way this can be true he’s white has to be a mistake

  2. billeeG says:

    Since the previous poster made comment on skin color, may I add…. He wasn’t very smart ,based on content of article, But – He was intelligent enough not to run or reach into his pockets after the police commanded him to “halt or hands up or get on the ground”…. jus seyin,,, he gets to go to jail instead of the morgue…

  3. dixie&trixie says:

    He would could have had a gun and they still would not have shot him and what idiot thinks someone who tries to rob a bank is intelligent

  4. Steven says:

    No real black person is going to rob nothing in South Carolina knowing it’s the only Independent State in the country & makes it’s own laws!!