Rep. Amy Carter legislative update for February

| February 16, 2016
General Government Subcommittee of Appropriations
As Chairman of the General Government Subcommittee of Appropriations, I lead efforts to review the budgets of twenty-four state agencies including the Department of Revenue, Secretary of State, Department of Natural Resources, and Department of Driver Services.  Balancing the state budget is a key responsibility of the General Assembly, and I am proud of our work thus far to craft a budget for fiscal year 2017 that reflects our priorities as a state and our values as hardworking Georgians.
Growing the Entertainment Industry in Georgia
With attractive tax incentives, Georgia’s entertainment industry has grown exponentially in the last several years.  To continue moving in the right direction, I co-sponsored HB 956, “Georgia Musical Recording and Synchronization Act,” which creates an income tax credit for music, film, and television companies that record a state certified promotion and put it in their credits.
Retirement Coverage for Certain Law Enforcement Officers
Last Thursday my legislation, HB 690, was read and referred in the Senate.  HB 690 extends retirement coverage for certain former law enforcement officers.  Now it will move on to committee to be debated.
Visit from Georgia Congressional Delegation
The House of Representatives was honored to hear from three of our congressional representatives last week. We are grateful for everything they do to move our country and our state forward!
Valdosta State University Day at the Capitol 
Last week, I filed the resolution to recognize Wednesday, February 24, 2016, as Valdosta State University Day at the Capitol! I look forward to seeing student leaders, staff, and alumni of the school soon.
I enjoyed introducing Lowndes High’s Sarah Lee (elected Speaker of the House for the 2016 Youth Assembly through the State YMCA) to Georgia House Speaker David Ralston.
What an honor to have US Congressman Austin Scott and VSU student Griffin Bell (Thomasville) at the Capitol this week.
Thanks to Bradley Cohen for serving as a House Page this week!
Proud to welcome Thomas County REALTORS to the General Assembly!
Enjoyed spending some time with Lowndes County REALTORS at the Capitol this week!
My Legislation
HR 1048 – Girl Scouts; 100th anniversary; honor
HB 867 – Thomasville, City of; levy an excise tax
HB 939 – Revenue and taxation; setoff debt collections by the Administrative Office of the Courts; revise terms and procedures
HR 1337 – Valdosta State University Day at the capitol; February 24, 2016; recognize; student leaders at Valdosta State University; commend
HB 952 – “Georgia Professional Regulation Reform Act”; enact

HB 956 – “Georgia Musical Recording and Synchronization Act”; enact

HB 965 – “The Honorable Jimmy Carter Cancer Treatment Access Act”; enact

HB 932 – Thomas County; levy an excise tax

HR 1394 – 4th Annual Legislative Fly-In at the capitol; February 18, 2016;recognize; Georgia Airport Associations and leadership Jim Galloway, Blake Swafford, Jason Pinnix, Kevin Britton, Mike Matthews and Mario Evans; commend

HR 1352 – Walters, Justin; commend

HR 1359 – Colquitt County Packers football team; winning 2015 Class AAAAAA State Championship and National Rankings; commend

HR 1357 – Lewis, Ms. JoAnne; retirement; commend
HB 690 – Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia; provide that certain law enforcement officers obtain creditable service in system under certain conditions; provisions

HB 748 – Thomas County Magistrate Court; impose and collect county law library fees as part of court costs; provide
HB 744 – Crimes and offenses; sexual contact between school personnel and students; prohibit
HR 1128 – Watkinsville Garden Club; 75th anniversary; recognize HB 814 – “Educating Children of Military Families Act”; enact
HB 817 – Education; certain youth athletes receive instruction in baseball dugout safety; require
HB 825 – “Protecting Military Children Act”; enact
HB 819 – Education; development of a list of training materials in mental health, behavioral and learning disabilities; provide
HB 836 – Sales and use tax; property used in renovation and rehabilitation of affordable housing; provide exemption
HR 1170 – Georgia Career and Technical Student Organization Day at the capitol; February 17, 2016; recognize

HB 763 – Sales and use tax; exemption regarding certain food and food ingredients; remove sunset
HR 1029 – State YMCA of Georgia and its Center for Civic Engagement and “Y” Club programs; sponsor Youth Assembly; commend
HR 1030 – Sauls, Mr. Roy Randall; condolences
HB 1188 – State YMCA of Georgia and its Center for Civic Engagement and “Y” Club programs which sponsor Youth Assembly among other programs that cultivate youth civic engagement and recognize the important work that the YMCA does in communities across Ga.; commend

Click here for all of my 2016 legislation.

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You can read the details of all legislation online at  Please feel free to contact me at my legislative office — 245 State Capitol, Atlanta, GA  30334; by phone at 404-463-2247; or by email at

Amy A. Carter

State Representative, District 175

Chairman, General Government Subcommittee, Appropriations

Committees:  Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, Education, Governmental Affairs, 

Higher Education, Small Business Development

PO Box 4930, Valdosta, GA  31604, (229) 245-1092

245 State Capitol, Atlanta, GA  30334, (404) 463-2247, fax (404) 463-2249

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  1. dixie&trixie says:

    Lets see if she switches back to democrat if Hillary wins

  2. John Taylor says:

    Im sorry…but she (and the other Reps) have done little for South Ga. There has been ZERO new business, industry, opportunity, decent jobs brought in during their tenure.

    maybe they should focus on that. make it #1 priority.

  3. John Taylor says:

    I mean…just look at her “legislation” that she lists.

  4. dixie&trixie says:

    John Taylor I must agree with you my friend the all go up there saying how much they hate Government but fight like hell to stay apart of Government and you can add Dexter Sharper to that list as well no projects have come to this area

  5. Orthellius Jackson says:

    So much fluff and no substance.