Lowndes GOP straw poll results show Cruz in lead

| February 23, 2016

2016 Lowndes GOP straw poll

VALDOSTA – Lowndes County Republican voters attended precinct meetings at Austin’s Cattle Company on Saturday morning. There, they nominated and voted for delegates who will represent each of the precincts at the Lowndes County Republican Convention on March 19.

In the official straw poll conducted at Saturday’s meeting, voters favored Cruz (63.4%) over Trump (19.5%), followed by Kasich and Rubio (tied at 7.3%), Carson (2.5%), and Bush (0%).

“The grassroots efforts which have served Cruz so well in his prior campaigns seem to be serving him well in the presidential race also.

As the Georgia primary approaches, Cruz continues to receive major endorsements from some big names,” said  Miranda L. Moore with Lowndes County for Ted Cruz. “The list has recently come to include that of Tea Party founder, Keli Carender, which is not surprising considering that Cruz is the only candidate that thoroughly and consistently represents Tea Party ideals. Other recent major endorsements include former S. Carolina governor, Mark Sanford as well as Kansas Representative and Freedom Caucus member, Tim Huelskamp.”

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13 Comments on "Lowndes GOP straw poll results show Cruz in lead"

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  1. Carol says:

    We in Lee County voting Donald J. Trump. The Farmers are for Trump and they out number the cattle in Georgia.

  2. don says:

    Don’t let this article fool you… trump supports are here in Valdosta/Lowndes County and we will show up on Tuesday.

    • Carol says:

      Don, The next rally is Monday in Valdosta. I am thinking of going and was wondering if I may have a problem getting in if I do the drive? Can you advice me?

      • WHITESAVAGE says:

        Advise you this jus goes to show you what the polls show are correct uneducated voters are his base

  3. blacksheep says:

    This article doesn’t fool me at all it just goes to show everyone that the two leading candidates for the republican party are the two people who can only get the votes of white people news flash its not enough of them to win in the general election unless they do like they have always done try to stop people from voting

    • Snow white says:

      Republicans Stopping voters from voting?? What?? NO WAY, that was the dirty Black Panthers!! Besides, most of the Republicans WORK!! We Vote during our lunch break..

  4. Carol says:

    Here in Lee County I find that all races are supporting Donald J Trump. It is interesting to note that in the trucking industry all the drivers are supporting Donald Trump when asked. I do my own poll and very few asked tell me a different candidate. Even some Dem are saying Trump. Blue collar workers across the board are feed up with the decline in jobs and their children’s chances of getting middle paying jobs declining. So there is a movement to elect the person who has proven history of being a builder and providing many jobs in the process.

  5. WHITESAVAGE says:

    Ok here it comes the low information uneducated crowd Not particularly ideological….20 percent of Trump’s supporters describe themselves as “liberal” or “moderate,” with 65 percent saying they are “conservative” and only 13 percent labeling themselves as “very conservative.” A bit older, less educated, and less affluent than the average Republican. Slightly over half are women. About half are between 45-64 years of age, 34 percent over 65, and less than 2 percent younger than 30. One half of his voters have a high school education or less, compared to 19 percent with a college or post-graduate degree. Slightly over a third of his supporters earn less than $50,000 per year, while 11 percent earn over $100,000 per year. – See more at: http://valdostatoday.com/2016/02/trump-coming-to-valdosta/#comments

    • DoYourHomework says:

      He’s praised himself publicly for being absolutely willing to change as necessary. It seems to me that that’s everything a true conservative needs to hear to know that he’s not the right man for the job.

  6. DoYourHomework says:

    It’s interesting to me how many people give Trump credit for being super successful in the world of economics. Sure, the man has accrued a large net worth, but his history of failures in various venues is concerning. Even more disconcerting, however, is his history of using bankruptcy to cover his failures. If the American people think that we can afford another self-centered, narcissistic big-spender who wants to push his debts off onto other people, we’re in for a long road ahead. We can’t eradicate the national debt by filing bankruptcy. The debt is already being shouldered by the American taxpayers, and we can’t afford more. We need real solutions. #CruzCrew

    • WHITESAVAGE says:

      CRUZCREW has it occurred to anyone that you have to get things passed through the house and the senate Ted Cruz is hated by his own party so what makes you think he can get the support of democrats you guys better listen to Kasick

  7. Orthellius Jackson says:

    CHUMP 2016!

  8. Sal Monroe says:

    I think all the dirty tricks are pretty cool. Cruz even favors Nixon a bit.

    Who would win the battle of the hairdo? ‘Cruz & The Greasy Kid Stuff’ or ‘DT & The Comb-Over’?

    VOTE NOW! Send results to M. Guice with a five dollar processing fee.