Lowndes commissioners consider pet chaining ordinance

| February 9, 2016

dog on chain

VALDOSTA – The Lowndes County Board of Commissioners considered stricter guidelines for chaining pets during a planning meeting last week.

Valdosta veterinarian Dr. Amanda Hall proposed the board adopt an anti-chaining ordinance in 2015. She told WALB chronically chained dogs are more aggressive, territorial and more likely to bite.

Commissioners said they plan to vote on the proposal soon, which would also address the sale of puppies in store parking lots.

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  1. Christy Smith says:

    I 100% agree with stricter rules/laws concerning chaining dogs up. My son Jaxson was attacked by a dog in January of 2015. He was at a friends house playing in the front yard when a dog,apparently, broke off his chain and ran to a nearby house. The boys were 6 at the time and do what all children do and reach out to pet the dog…who by the way still had part of the broken chain attached to him. The dog growled and the boys started backing away… one child tripped over the other and my son was attacked. The owner of this dog didn’t keep up with vaccines, would go out of town and not make arrangement for the dog because people were afraid if it; She stated she was afraid of it. It took a grown man to help get this dog off my son, when animal control came out the dog became aggressive with the officer as well. My son has scars on his face that will always be with him. He goes to counseling and has many fears about dogs when he is out. All of which if the owner had socialized this dog, fed it on a regular basis, cared for it provided shelter for it this situation may have been avoided. If your a new pet owner getting all the knowledge you can is important. If you have owned pets all your life …just because what you did before doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for the animal. Rules, guidelines and action if needed should be set. My child is living with scars and nightmares… the adult owner of this dog ..walked away paying some fines and that’s it… we have had to pay these bills, we go through restless nights due to the owners negligence. He is only 7.