In Other News: Subway’s Five Dollar Footlongs Are Now Six Dollars

| February 5, 2016


Remember Subway’s annoying “Five Dollar Footlong” jingle?  You’ll Never hear it again.

Subway just announced their new promotion for February on Twitter.  Quote, “BREAKING NEWS: Starting February 4th, ALL of your favorite classic footlongs are $6.”

Then they tweeted, quote, “We interrupt your newsfeed with an important update: starting tomorrow, ALL of our classic footlongs are $6 each!”

Yes, February USED to be $5 footlong month.  Now it’s $6 footlong month.  And while Subway seems excited . . . no one else is.

Their tweets have received hundreds of disappointed responses from people.  Because, you know, $6 is more than $5.

Subway actually responded to one person with an explanation for the price increase.  Quote, “We launched the $5 footlong back in 2007.  Since then our costs have gone up greatly, but we try to balance that with promotions.”


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