In Other News: Police Catch a Shoplifter With a Weak Bladder and Terrible Attention to Detail

| February 5, 2016


27-year-old Brooke Sutton went to an Ann Taylor outlet store in Destin, Florida last week . . . took a bunch of clothes into the dressing room . . . then got the security tags off and left with them.

But she left behind two clues: Her cell phone . . . and a big ol’ puddle of PEE. Yes, apparently she took a break while she was pulling the sensors off the clothes to empty her bladder right there on the dressing room floor.

Employees called the cops when they found the security tags on the ground. And they looked through Brooke’s phone, found her husband’s number, and called him.

He had no idea she’d stolen stuff . . . he just thought the cops were trying to help get her phone back. So he gave them a full description of her car.

By the time the cops tracked her down, Brooke had ALSO stolen between 15 and 20 pairs of jeans from a Saks Off Fifth store. The total value of all the stuff she shoplifted was more than $2,100.

She was arrested for two counts of felony retail theft.

Northwest Florida Daily News

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