In Other News: Police Catch a Georgia Burglar Because He Logged Into Twitter During the Break-In

| February 5, 2016


Behold the addictive and crime fighting power of social media.

33-year-old Thomas Collodel of McLean, Georgia broke into a hotel in Washington D.C. back on December 30th, and stole some stuff from the concierge’s desk. He also broke into two other hotels and a restaurant in January.

But it’s that first hotel burglary that sunk him . . . because he just HAD to check Twitter DURING the break-in.

While he was stealing stuff from the concierge desk, he logged onto his Twitter account using their computer.

When the cops were reviewing the security camera footage, they saw him messing around on the computer, reviewed the browser history, figured out he’d logged into Twitter, and they used that to identify him.

Washington Post

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