In Other News: Over 70 Kids Gave Valentines to an Elderly Woman Who Waves to Them Every Morning

| February 16, 2016


There’s an 86-year-old woman named Tinney Davidson who lives alone just outside Vancouver, Canada. And for the last nine years, she’s stood at her front window every morning, waving to kids on their way to school.

Apparently they love her for it, because about two years ago they organized an assembly to thank her for being a huge part of the community. And what they did last week was even better.

A bunch of them got to school early on Friday, then walked to her house. And when she opened her door, more than 70 kids were standing on her lawn with VALENTINES.

They made little red hearts, and used wire hangers to stick them in her lawn. Then they all lined up to hug her, and gave her a bunch of presents and thank you notes.

She told the local news that they’ve added a lot of joy to her life over the years. And after this, she feels like the luckiest woman alive.

CBC News / CHEK News

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