In Other News: More People Voted on a Kim Kardashian Twitter Poll Than in the Iowa Caucuses

| February 3, 2016

On Monday, KIM KARDASHIAN asked her Twitter followers to vote on which name for KANYE WEST’s upcoming album they liked best:  “Swish”, “Waves”, or “So Help Me God”.  More than 439,000 people voted.  (“So Help Me God” won.)

In Monday’s Iowa caucuses, 185,000 people participated on the Republican side.  And that was a record-high number.  And 171,000 Democrats showed up.  Combined, that’s 356,000.  And 439,000 voted for Kanye’s new album title.  I’m so done.


Meanwhile, Kanye admits that his new album isn’t the best of all time, just ONE of the best.



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