In Other News: Americans are most afraid of ISIS and Donald Trump; Hillary Clinton came in 8th

| February 23, 2016


A new survey asked Americans how afraid they are of 33 different things happening this year. They broke it down into global problems, national events, natural disasters, and personal problems.

With the number of things we’re afraid of in this country now, it’s amazing any of us ever leave the house.

Anyway, when it comes to national events, here are the four things people are most afraid of.

1. Another mass shooting in a school or public place, 51.1%. Which actually happened in the time between the survey was TAKEN, and the results being published. Obviously that’s incredibly messed up.

2. DONALD TRUMP being elected the next president, 45.2%.

3. Islamic extremists will strike the U.S. in a massive attack, 44.7%. Yes, more Americans are afraid of Trump being president than we are of ISIS.

4. Another huge American financial crisis will happen, 43.9%.

In fairness to Trump supporters, HILLARY CLINTON becoming president came in EIGHTH on the list of things we’re most afraid of this year.

39.5% of people were afraid of that, compared to 45.2% who were afraid of Trump. That’s only a 6% difference.

And here are the 5 things we’re LEAST afraid of happening this year

1. Earth will be attacked by aliens, 9.4%.

2. A huge meteor will strike Earth, 14.3%.

3. Machines with artificial intelligence will take over the world, 16%.

4. That you’ll be physically assaulted or threatened, 17.5%.

5. That you’ll work so much you won’t have time for other things, 17.6%.


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