In Other News: A Post Office in Jersey Called 911 Because a Mailman Was Being Attacked by Wild Turkeys (AUDIO)

| February 19, 2016


It seems a few months late for THANKSGIVING REVENGE, so maybe this is a preemptive strike?

The post office in Hillsdale, New Jersey called 911 on Tuesday afternoon, because of a minor crisis.

The postmaster told the cops, quote, “You’re not going to believe this, but I have a carrier that’s being attacked by wild turkeys, [and] won’t let him deliver the mail.”

Listen to the call:

He and the cop both laughed about it . . . but he DID say, quote, “This has been going on. It’s crazy. They were actually attacking, biting, chasing the trucks.”

So the cops went out to the scene and were able to scare the turkeys away . . . just by walking toward them.

The mailman wasn’t hurt, but apparently mail was delayed to three houses. Hopefully they managed to survive.

ABC 7 – New York

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