In Other News: A Nine-Year-Old Collected 1,300 Barbie Dolls For Underprivileged Kids

| February 24, 2016

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Most New Year’s resolutions are self-serving . . . you want to lose weight or travel more.  But this girl flipped the script.

Nine-year-old Gianni Graham lives in Norfolk, Virginia, and she’s been in the news since last month.  She made a New Year’s resolution to collect a thousand Barbie dolls for kids in homeless shelters and foster care.

And on top of being less selfish with her resolution, she’s also been more SUCCESSFUL than most of us.  A law office in Norfolk donated 84 Barbies this week, and that brings her total up to about THIRTEEN HUNDRED dolls.

Her mom says this is just the start.  They’re planning to do the same thing for a local children’s hospital soon, and people in seven other states have been in touch about doing something similar.

There’s even a toy company that wants to make a doll BASED on Gianni.  But her mom’s not sure if they’ll do it yet.

They plan to start handing out the dolls during Gianni’s spring break next month.


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