In Other News: A Guy Is Arrested in a Shirt That Says “Really Good at Making Really Bad Decisions”

| February 2, 2016


Let’s count this guy’s bad decisions.

36-year-old Michael Erick of Baden, Pennsylvania went to a Sheetz convenience store last week and shoplifted a bunch of stuff. That was his first bad decision.

But the cops stopped him and figured out he was driving a stolen pickup truck. That was his second bad decision.

They told him to get out, but he didn’t . . . even after they used a TASER on him. Then he slammed on the gas while a cop was hanging onto his side mirror. That was his third bad decision. The cop flew off, but luckily he was okay.

Then Michael got into a high-speed car chase, which was his FOURTH bad decision.

He finally crashed after about 15 minutes, and tried to run away. But the cops caught him . . . and found he was wearing a t-shirt that said, quote, “Really good at making really bad decisions.”

He’s facing a bunch of charges including aggravated assault, criminal mischief, theft, and fleeing police.

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