In Other News: A Guy Did CPR and Saved a Kid’s Life After Staying at a Holiday Inn Express

| February 2, 2016
source: Idaho State Journal

source: Idaho State Journal

Remember the old ads for Holiday Inn Express, where someone would be super confident and do something amazing, because they stayed “at a Holiday Inn Express last night”?

Well, a guy named Josh Randall was staying at a hotel in Pocatello, Idaho on Saturday night.  We don’t know how old he is, but he was there with his wife and four kids.

And they were all down at the pool when a six-year-old boy there for a birthday party started DROWNING.

Apparently he was under the water for a while, because Josh says he was shocked at how blue his skin was when they pulled him out.

But Josh knew CPR, so he started doing chest compressions while someone else did mouth-to-mouth.  And after about three minutes, the kid started coughing up water and breathing again.

According to the paramedics, he suffered some lung damage from all the water he inhaled.  But he should make a full recovery.  And yes . . . the hotel where it happened was a Holiday Inn Express.

Idaho State Journal


HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS “SURGEON” from Gibbs Worldwide on Vimeo.

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