In Other News: A Guy Created an Artificial Intelligence Bot to Torture Telemarketers

| February 3, 2016


Remember when the “Do Not Call” list came out, and it was supposed to stop telemarketers? Until they figured out how to get around it?

Well, guy named Roger Anderson figured out a way to get around the get around, kind of. It’s called the Jolly Roger Telephone Co.

He created an artificial intelligence bot that can detect when a telemarketer is calling, then strings them along with pre-recorded comments to waste as much of their time as possible.

The bot stalls by doing things like telling the telemarketer to hang on while he has a conversation with his wife . . . pretending a bee is on his arm . . . acting confused about who’s calling . . . and just saying things like “uh huh” and “okay.”

It’s SO well done that it keeps most telemarketers on the line for at least five minutes before they give up . . . and sometimes a lot longer.

He’s also set it up so YOU can use it to bother a telemarketer . . . basically, you just have to conference in his robot at 214-666-4321 when one calls you.

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