In Other News: A Florida Woman Threatens to Stab Someone With a Fork During a Fight at a Buffet

| February 19, 2016

buffet assault

Never get in the way of an American at a buffet.

41-year-old Davina Cutchall was at a buffet restaurant in Gainesville, Florida last week, when she started yelling swear words at someone across the room. So a woman asked her to stop doing it in front of her son.

And in response, Davina grabbed her fork and made STABBING motions with it as she walked toward the other woman.

Then a guy tried to get in between them before Davina could actually stab the woman with the fork . . . and Davina threw a soda in his face.

The other woman threw a bowl of ketchup at her and ran away.

And Davina was arrested for aggravated assault.

Gainesville Sun

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