In Other News: A Five-Year-Old Saved Her Blind Grandmother from a Fire

| February 22, 2016

girl saves grandma

A house in New Orleans caught fire last Wednesday morning, while an elderly blind woman was inside.

Luckily her five-year-old granddaughter heard the smoke alarm. Her name is Chloe Woods, and her preschool had just gone on a field trip to the local fire station in October. Basically, the kids all learned to get out of the house as fast as possible if there’s a fire.

So Chloe jumped out of bed . . . ran to her grandmother’s room . . . and got both of them out of the house.

And once they were out, she ran over to their neighbors and told them to call 911 . . . and also asked for a cup of WATER, so she could go back in and put the fire out. Obviously they stopped her from doing that though.

At this point, her family’s house is still unlivable. So her preschool started a GoFundMe page, and it’s already raised over ten grand.

If you want to help, just go to the page.


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