In Other News: A Double Amputee Won the Alabama State Wrestling Championship

| February 23, 2016

alabama wrestler

Hasaan Hawthorne is a high school senior in Pelham, Alabama, just outside Birmingham. And he was born without tibias, which are the bones in your lower legs that connect to your knees.

So one of his legs had to be amputated from the knee down when he was a baby. Then he lost the other one about two years ago. But he’s always been a spots nut, and realized a while back that he could still WRESTLE.

He started competing in sixth grade, and he was GOOD. He normally wears prosthetics to get around, but he actually takes them OFF when he wrestles.

And on Saturday, he finished the season with a perfect record of 37 wins and no losses . . . and won the Alabama STATE TITLE in his weight class.

He’s heading to nationals next, and plans to wrestle in college as well. But he’s still deciding which school he wants to go to.

( / Deadspin)

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