In Other News: A Cop Responds to a Call at an Animal Shelter, and Adopts a Puppy

| February 8, 2016

cop and puppy

A cop in Florida named Marcus Montgomery responded to a call last month from an animal shelter in Fort Walton Beach, just outside Pensacola.

A former employee was causing trouble, although it’s not clear exactly what happened. Then while Marcus was talking to the director of the shelter, another employee walked by with a black-and-white puppy.

And apparently Marcus has a soft spot for dogs . . . he joked that they shouldn’t bring it any closer, because he’d end up taking it home. He already has a dog named Vader that he adopted from the same shelter.

Then they told him how someone left the puppy outside in a box the night before, when it was freezing out. And that little detail got to him . . . so he ended up ADOPTING it.

It’s not quite old enough yet, so he’s just fostering it for now. But he already named it Kylo, as in Kylo Ren from the new “Star Wars” movie. Obviously he’s a fan.

Now a picture of him holding the puppy and smiling is making the rounds on Facebook.

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