Federal law will prohibit on-campus protests of Trump rally at VSU

| February 26, 2016


VALDOSTA — Activists wanting to stage protests at Valdosta State University when presidential candidate Donald Trump comes to town Monday may be out of luck.

Donald J. Trump for President Inc. campaign officials have rented Valdosta State University’s P.E. Complex at 401 Baytree Road at 6 p.m. The Trump rally is not a university-sponsored function.

The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 restricts access to areas cordoned off by the Secret Service, which will include the VSU P.E. Complex, campus and travel routes during the Trump event.

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8 Comments on "Federal law will prohibit on-campus protests of Trump rally at VSU"

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  1. Kim Abery-Lyman says:

    What???? They’ve been able to protest at other venues? Why not here?

  2. blacksheep says:

    So a church in Florida can protest at soldiers funerals (which is disgusting ) but people cant protest at a campaign rally and people wonder why nobody believes in the system

  3. Brandi Blair says:

    The issue isn’t that it’s a college campus. The issue is that Donald Trump has a Secret Service protection detail. The law shuts down the entire area that they’re protecting to protests. I think 2011 would have put this law’s enactment around the time that Gifford was shot? Sounds like the police chief found an area where they could protest. It’s not like Donald Trump actually cares about Valdosta. He’s got a rally scheduled earlier in the day at Radford University in VA so he’ll literally be flying in and only seeing the airport and the campus.

  4. dixie&trixie says:

    After last nights debate who would want to see this ALF looking clown anyway he made a complete fool of himself and he’s making a fool of the entire republican party and I for one am enjoying every minute of it I’m so glad I’m a independent

  5. SomeoneatVSU says:

    VSU’s Communications Unit just sent out this email. Protests will be allowed at specific sites along Baytree:

    Dear Blazer Nation,

    The Donald J. Trump for President Inc. campaign has rented Valdosta State University’s P.E. Complex for an event on Monday, Feb. 29. This event is expected to bring hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors to our campus, particularly later in the day when the doors to the facility open to ticketholders at 4 p.m.

    Safety is our Nov. 1 (I think they mean No. 1) concern on campus. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to be mindful of the increased automotive and pedestrian traffic in the area as you travel around the university and adjacent neighborhoods on Monday. Please drive carefully and look both ways before crossing the street. Parking will be at a premium on Monday afternoon. Students and others not attending the rally may want to leave extra time to get to class or appointments on campus.

    Reames Field has been reserved for faculty, staff, students, retirees, alumni, and friends who wish to exercise their constitutional rights and conduct a nonviolent protest on Monday. The field will be equipped with portable restrooms and food vendors and will be available all day. Those who wish to protest may do so as long as the event remains civil and does not interfere with traffic or other campus operations.

    Protests will not be allowed inside or near the P.E. Complex. This is because of federal law. Please see House Resolution 347.

    This event is presented by Donald J. Trump for President Inc. The use of VSU’s facilities for this event does not constitute an endorsement by the university. The views of those invited to speak on campus are the views of the speaker and not of the university. VSU does not endorse or oppose any candidate or organization in connection with this or any other political campaign or election.

    VSU is committed to the practice of citizenship and to graduating a quality, diverse student population prepared for roles as leaders in a global society. This event affords students, regardless of political affiliation, an opportunity to experience the national dialogue that surrounds the election of an American president every four years.

    Requests for more information about this event should be directed to https://www.donaldjtrump.com/states/georgia or (646) 736-1779.

    Office of Communications
    Valdosta State University

  6. J'onn J'onezz says:

    Maybe instead of protesting the people could do something actually productive like volunteering for a good cause. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…….