//City Responds to Sanitary Sewer Spill Caused by Grease Blockage

City Responds to Sanitary Sewer Spill Caused by Grease Blockage


VALDOSTA – At approximately 8:22 a.m. on Feb. 16, 2016, the City of Valdosta Utilities Department responded to a call concerning a sanitary sewer spill at the 400 Block of Seymour Street. The spill was identified, and the site and its discharge point into the stream were cleaned and disinfected.

City staff removed a grease blockage from the sewer line that caused approximately 3,700 gallons to spill onto the property and enter Two Mile Branch. The city urges all customers to always refrain from dumping waste cooking fats, oils and greases (FOG) down their home or business drains for the protection of their personal property, as well as the public sanitary sewer collection system. City staff will be distributing educational door hangers to homes and businesses in this general area to inform citizens on how to properly dispose of cooking fats, oils, and grease and how they can prevent this occurrence in the future.

Although the level of potential contamination to the creek is minimal, the public is advised to avoid contact with the water adjacent to the 400 block of Seymour Street for the next seven days. Warning signs have been posted at that location.

For more information, contact the Utility Department Environmental Manager Scott Fowler at 229-259-3592 or sfowler@valdostacity.com