VPD releases name of fatality accident victim

| January 28, 2016
Adam Floyd | Valdosta Today

Adam Floyd | Valdosta Today

VALDOSTA – On January 27, 2016 at approximately 3:34pm, Valdosta Police Officers were dispatched to the 1100 block of N. St. Augustine Road in reference to a vehicle accident. Officers arrived to find a collision had occurred between a moped and a Toyota Tundra pickup truck. The driver of the scooter was transported to South Georgia Medical Center by EMS. As officers from the Traffic Unit and the Crime Scene Unit were investigating the accident and processing the scene, the driver of the moped succumbed to his injuries and died at South Georgia Medical Center. The driver of the moped was identified as David Lee Butler, white male, age 61. The investigation into the accident continues.

Motorcycle and Moped riders should take precautions to protect themselves, by wearing helmets and other protective gear, and making themselves more visible to other vehicles by wearing reflective gear. Motorcycles and mopeds at times can be difficult to spot, so other drivers should always be cognizant that they may be sharing the road with a motorcycle or scooter.

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  1. Barbara says:

    It would be difficult to not notice this moped, the entire bike was reflective. I have seen this rider often, but never without a helmet.

    • Denise Norris says:

      Thank you Barbara for taking a sec to write this. As I try to cope with this tragedy, and how unfair it is for a life to so easily be taken away, it’s a lovely idea that someone, possibly a stranger was willing to use their time to defend my dad. The article did leave the feeling that he was doing something wrong. I want all drivers to be safe of course, but using my fathers death as a bridge to a blurb about motorcycle safety made it seem like he was not being cautious. Nothing could be further from the truth. You could probably see him from space in his little reflective jacket and helmet.

  2. Amanda says:

    This is still a bad area for accidents. I remember almost 13 years ago getting in to my very first wreck at this very spot pulling out of Lowndes High and someone ran the stop sign from the now Lowes parking lot. I can’t believe it’s still happening there after all this time.

  3. Denise Norris says:

    My father most certainly had his HELMET and his reflective vest on. While I appreciate the safety tips, I think it is implied he was not following these guidelines. He was, and always did drive slowly and carefully with all his safety gear on. His scooter is also yellow and it was in broad daylight. I’ve seen many kind comments on the various articles about his death. It is very kind to take time out to write a comment like that about an acquaintance, and it means a lot to a grieving daughter.