Rep. Sharper claims his office has been harassed by KJ family and supporters

| January 27, 2016


VALDOSTA – One week after proposing a new state law that would require schools to track students missing from class, Georgia State Representative Dexter Sharper issued a statement on social media claiming he has been harassed by the members of the “KJ Movement” and the family of Kendrick Johnson, the student who inspired the idea.

Sharper (D-Valdosta) said last week he wants school administrators to take extra steps to track down students who arrive at school but are absent in class later in the day, according to CNHI reports.

The proposed law is in response to the 2013 death of Kendrick Johnson. Johnson’s body was found upside down in a vertically-stored athletic mat at Lowndes high School. A state autopsy ruled the 17-year-old’s death accidental, but Johnson’s parents insist their son died of foul play. A federal review of the Johnson case in its third year.

Sharper, who is a distant relative of Johnson, said the law is an effort to do “something positive” in Johnson’s memory, but Jacquelyn Johnson, Kendrick’s mother, told CNHI the lawmaker “will never, ever get our blessing.”

On Tuesday, Sharper took to Facebook to post about his experience with the Johnson case.

“Since a week or so after the death of Kendrick ‘KJ’ Johnson I have been attacked verbally and even physically threatened by a few members of the ‘KJ Movement,'” wrote Sharper on his Facebook page. “The parents continue to take every opportunity to attack me. The Mother has verbally attacked me on several occasions including social media.”

Sharper said he believes his strained relationship with Johnson’s parents is due to sharing his “professional opinion” of how Kendrick died. Sharper, a paramedic, said after Johnson’s death he went to Lowndes High School in an attempt to recreate a theory investigators developed concerning how Johnson died. The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation determined Johnson died of positional asphyxia after getting stuck inside an athletic mat while reaching for a shoe.

Sharper said he had one of the mats placed horizontally and was able to fit most of his body inside the mat and found it difficult to breathe.

“If the mat was Vertical and no opening at the bottom then my body would have closed off my oxygen supply and my breathing would become more shallow and my heart rate would increase and required greater demand for oxygen and due to the fact I would have breathing out (exhaling) CO2 and breathing In (inhaling) CO2 that would make me Hypoxic which is being without oxygen to vital parts of my body like my brain, lungs and heart,” wrote Sharper.

Sharper said he shared that opinion with Johnson’s parents on the same day he went to the gym.

“I went on to share the information and explained the walk through from earlier that day and my part in getting in the mat. I also stated in my 25 years of medical experience as a Paramedic I have seen some of the same signs, symptoms, illnesses and injuries but that is all preliminary until autopsies and other research is completed and confirmed. I was very upfront and told them that with the information I have received and my medical experience that so far I felt it was 98% chance of it being an accident,” Sharper wrote.

Since then, Sharper said he has been called “an Uncle Tom” and a “Sell Out” for agreeing with the state autopsy which determined Johnson’s death was a tragic accident. Sharper said he blames “outsiders,” particularly from the Atlanta area, who have come to Valdosta “stirring up problems.” He said several people have verbally attacked him and his staff over the issue.

Sharper said he believes the notion Johnson was murdered is based on unsubstantiated rumors.

“I have not taken the attacks personally because you can not please everybody and you are not going to agree with everybody. In closing I wanted to let people know the facts of what has been going on with me in this ordeal. I will continue to pray for Closure for the Family and this Community,” Sharper wrote.




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  1. blacksheep says:

    I’m not sure what happened or didn’t happen but if you feel you have been harassed to the point where you think it is a threat why turn to facebook instead of the police, seems like attention seeking to me IJS

  2. trixie&dixie says:

    What you say

  3. trixie&dixie says:


  4. Abel says:

    I was undecided until now but I believe Sharper. There is no reason for him to lie and take that position.

    • Valdostan says:

      Many of you are fooled. You don’t know Dexter. Moreover, I’m speaking of “Dexter” in general, not at all about this mess.

  5. GoCats! says:

    Mr. Sharper has done some great things in the community and he will certainly let you know he has. He is also a MAJOR attention seeker. So I question his true intentions. Knowing him for many years, he is one who seeks the approval of others. Of course he will say otherwise. It’s unfortunate that he is playing the victim now just because someone disagreed with him. He is no different than media hound Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

    • Valdostan says:

      I agree, he has done some good things in the community such as saving lives and built a small business. BOTH of which he gets paid to do. Oh I forgot, he does play random games on FB. He gives away a couple dollars here and there plus give away couple of a fresheners.

      As councilman, other than voting for items (which none were proposed) by him, I honestly don’t know of anything he’s done besides name a street after him. Because the people in District one knew about him, his term didn’t revolve such as Sony Vickers or James Wright.

      Since he knew he couldn’t beat Mr. Wright, he ran for the At-large seat and the Coroner’s position. He couldn’t win. Many feel that because President Obama was on the ticket during the new District alignments, it was the only way he won. People were voting Democrat. I know…. “petty” and I’m sure he’s probably heard this before.

      Because he probably heard this, an opportunity arose when CS #3 passed. He introduced a piece of legislation that touched the hearts of some. Now that his head is swollen, he’s tried to introduce another piece of legislation (that he obviously didn’t think through) and it’s pretty much DOA.

      To justify his blunder, he referenced a group of people (IN THE GARBAGE HE WROTE) that he “allegedly” are their relatives. Mr. Johnson confirmed it was a lie. Plus, they didn’t want to have anything to do with Mr. Sharper and he knew it. Mrs. Johnson confirmed it. NOW HIS FEELINGS IS REALLY HURT.

      Also (IN THAT GARBAGE), he “alleged” these people harassed him to the point of violence. If that’s the case, why not get law enforcement involved. At least have the cops talk to aggressor. Document it!!

      If none of this is true, his freedom of speech gone too far. Perhaps slanderous?!

      Lastly, I’m even more embarrassed of his grammatical errors in that garbage.

      And again you’re right, he is an attention wh©®€. If there is no evidence of foul play, give me one piece of SOLID EVIDENCE that the DOJ hadn’t quit pursuing it.

      • Valdostan says:

        Oh by the way, I’m not the grammar police and I make mistakes too. HOWEVER, you definitely can understand it. There is no guessing.

        One more thing, would somebody please tell him to stop wearing that BADGE!! We know who you are. smh LOL!

      • Leigh Touchton says:

        State Representative Sharper never ran for Coroner. Several years ago he ran for the At-Large Council seat, which has always been held by a white person, that seat was put in place like many in the South to dilute black representation. In his first campaign for State Representative, he won by a large margin; he has been unopposed since. I doubt you read Councilman Wright’s letters if you are really that upset by a Facebook post that wasn’t grammatically perfect. Most people don’t nitpick over a Facebook post. Most people don’t use the term attention wh**e when discussing duly elected officials and even NAACP presidents.

        Most people do not take Mrs. Johnson’s statements as factual without researching them. Representative Sharper is distantly related to the Tooleys, through John Tooley’s wife, John is the brother of KJ’s grandfather. There are many family reunions that the Sharper family has attended which included Tooley cousins. Given the size of both families, and the many generations in our community, it would be shocking if they weren’t distant cousins.

        Representative Sharper has contacted law enforcement, as have I, regarding threats and harassment. It is ironic that you used the word slanderous given six libel suits out there directed at the Johnsons, a Facebook page administrator, Ebony magazine, and Ebony “true crime writer” (formerly for Hustler), Fred Rosen. I think you need to read for comprehension: he said “threatened physical violence” not “to the point of violence.” The FBI is currently investigating hundreds of threats directed at several people in our community, most delivered anonymously via social media.

        Representative Sharper and his lovely family have earned the respect of many in our city because of their community involvement. Your disparaging characterization of the ways he helps people on Facebook is juvenile and petty. In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, he has the respect of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and the Georgia Democratic Party. Representative Sharper was instrumental in bringing VPD Chief Childress to the GLBC to educate legislators on CALEA accreditation and why Valdosta is leading the state in police standards. The GLBC was crafting legislation to raise agency standards in Georgia, and our Representative was taking a pro-active role in getting this issue to the forefront.

        Your disparaging commentary was delivered anonymously, Representative Sharper put his name on his account of what he did to try to help the Johnson family and what they and their supporters have done to him.

        • Valdostan says:

          Leigh Touchton I’m not going to go back and forward with you. Your post has little to do with the retarded letter Sharper wrote, it has more to do with the people you don’t like and who obviously don’t like you. From the outside, your credentials has obviously faded away. You need to crawl back from whatever rock you come from and leave well enough alone. You’ll NEVER be taken as serious as you once were.

          Now, Sharper has run for Coroner, I believe in 2008 or he has run for Commissioner. THE POINT IS, HE CAN’T WIN IN THE DISTRICT HE LIVES IN!! People who’s been around Sharper KNOWS him. Have you ever heard of Jeckle and Hyde?

          Speaking of “distant cousins”, and being related. Attending family reunions make people related? People always attend others family reunions and they are NOT related. Is that your proof they’re related?

          My characterization of Sharper is what I see with my own two eyes. Yeah he may have respect from the Black Caucus because he is BLACK! It doesn’t make him great or smart for that matter.

          He’s got the respect from the Democratic Party BECAUSE HE’S A DEMOCRAT. Kinda obvious isn’t it?

          OK, he’s trying to get every police department in the state CALEA certified. Please let me know how that goes. Now, WHAT ELSE HAS HE DONE?

          You’re no different than him at this point, you’re an opportunist. This was your opportunity to further your agenda against the Johnsons and Mr. James Wright.

          Why don’t you disappear.

        • trixie&dixie says:

          Seems to me that Leigh is obsessed with this story and the Johnson family I only see her post about things concerning this family please find another obsession because we can start commenting on how you turned your back on a certain pastor here in the area so don’t think you are more than you really are

          • Valdostan says:

            ABSOLUTELY!! She doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone. She’s everywhere there is a discussion where the Johnson’s are involved to shed her “investigative results.” She’s also tried to destroy James Wright and her claims went unfound. She’s apparently a bitter person.

          • BillybobFartstealer says:

            Other than the obvious remark about how the cool calm “Valdosta” Kim immediately turned to personal attacks the moment they were disputed indicating anger issues and possible mental illness, I love how every comment made thus far still shows that Dexter Sharper’s allegations of harassment are true.

          • Only Truth says:

            No… That’s where you’re wrong. That pastor turned his back on her. Leigh would have gone to the end of the earth for the Rev. But times have changed. The one man she didn’t think would sell out, has sold out.

          • dixie&trixie says:


        • Valdostan says:

          You mentioned people having respect for him, how about mentioning what he’s done as Councilman? I’ll wait….. And again, TELL HIM TO QUIT WAERING THAT BADGE!! Everybody knows who he is.

          Futhermore, I guarantee that if Sharper had not run unopposed and someone with at least two brain cells had run against him and debated him, he would not be the Representative today.

  6. trixie&dixe says:

    Please,please,please don’t attack him that’s just what he wants everyone to do so that he can play the victim just vote him out of office

    • lauren says:

      isnt it crazy how people think speaking what u believe is attack but if they speak what they believe its ok. lol to the world we live in. i can give less if someone doesnt like what i say about a situation and someone who doesnt matter to this case. it could easily be perceived as an attack on the family going to their home giving and unprofessional opinion and at the wrong time. people will see what they are dealing with. i will say this i am attacking his opinion o what do u call that again a hun i have dealt around him i know what u mean.

  7. BillybobFartstealer says:

    Hey whattya know, the harassment continues here. Way to prove Dexter’s point.

    • Only Truth says:

      See the fart stealer is a smart guy… I knew it.

      • only dumb says:

        lol, if you only knew the truth.

      • Jamey says:

        Please. He posted a very public poorly written dramatic post on his public social media, and then let the local media write a public story about it. That opens the door to criticism. It’s criticism, not harassment. He’s an elected official and a public figure. There has been no harassment on this site, just people being critical. There’s a difference.

  8. John says:

    One thing that stood out on this story is that the mother of KJ has been verbally abusive to Dexter. It seems as if the parents have lied to this community. Yes, their son died. People die all the time. That doesn’t mean that you have to blame someone else for his death! All of the rumors and lies that everyone has “heard” came straight from the parents and their attorneys. All the lies and rumors have been proven to be just that…LIES. And the parents filing 100 million dollar lawsuit against the school and innocent kids…..that is just pathetic. They wanted this community to believe their lie so that a payday would come. If the FBI cant find a murder, it aint no murder! Their attorney gave them wrong advice. They should have settled with the schools insurance money for unsafe conditions at the school but they were greedy and went after the murder/conspiracy theory accusing 39 innocent people of doing something. Shame on them.

    • lauren says:

      Your right people do die all the time. but God forbid if you have a loved one where something happened to them. you feel its not right and you get the run around and different answers what would you think? would u do whatever it is to find out the truth or let it be? o and i know u watch CSI first 48 other unsolved mysteries etc. if you say this family is wrong for feeling their loved one was killed and want justice and the person who did it. then any family in this world that lost a loved and feels that one was killed. you are saying they are wrong too. Money wont bring back that love one hun. people have to stop looking at things like it cant happen to you this could be anyone including you. but i get thats your opinion. lol to your opinion.

  9. Fashion Police says:

    Maybe it has something to do with a guy who wears an orange corduroy sports jacket with an orange bow tie?

  10. Gomez Tankeray says:

    Well he is a snappy dresser….look at that suit.

  11. Constance Dogooder says:

    You people are making light of a man who has been successful in this community and in state politics. His opinion differs from yours and you slander him. You did the same thing to Floyd Rose and Leigh Touchton. What are you going to do if and when the DOJ says there’s no case? Burn the town?

    • trixie&dixie says:

      Let me clear this up in no way am I saying that this was a murder and in no way am I saying that I agree with some of the tactics that the family is taking but what we should not be doing is telling these people that they should just shut up and go home if they dont agree with the findings

    • lauren says:

      so tell me this how would you feel if a man who is into politics goes and does an criminal investigation come to your home and tell you i have done my own investigation and has come up with the conclusion that this was a accident. what i think everyone is missing is this man is not an crime scene investigator. point blank you can be a past paramedic all u want. paramedics deal with the body when its there to a certain extent if the person passes they no-longer have anything to do with it from there other than their reports on the findings at that time. so to go back to the crime scene a week later and come up with this conclusion and actually go to the family and give an unprofessional opinion. wth…so once again you tell me and and get out of never never land but tell me will u buy this? will this sit well with u? even if there was an accident there is so much in question this family has alright to not settle for the bs they were given. you wouldn’t settle for this. this is not a bash but its the most craziest thing ive ever heard of. so in my opinion he was wrong for this. and i dint know the family. im going straight off the the story that was posted and the 10 page status he put up.

    • whitesheep says:

      yes give me a match

  12. lauren says:

    This has to be the craziest crap ever. So y’all tell me that this man who is a pastor a party planner and now a paramedic was able to go back to the crime scene and conduct a professional crime scene investigation? OK now its time to get real if the family wanted to they can consider that tampering with evidents right. i mean he was there at the site no more than a week from the family pulling for this case to be considered a murder case. OK you tell me that a week after you play detective go to what should be a crime scene and rein-act what happen. OK so you come up with the conclusion that it was an accident. so u go over to the family a grieving family with nothing but condolence in your heart and tell this family that u play play detective sharper has drawn an conclusion that this was an accident. OK cool. so detective sharper correct… NO not correct you are not a crime scene investigator. you can give your opinion all u want but there was nothing you did that made that investigation professional. o an yes like you stated those were fats. This is a fact you are not a police officer you are not and investigator you are a man who wants power. one thing about power it doesn’t matter if its good or bad. you included yourself in this issue because you want to be something your not made for. con u crouch down on those who have publicity and ride the wave. those $20 you give these people for free is you getting them on your side. and its people who know no better. what you do in the community is done solely for you. you find whats hot and bask in it. so my opinion is this im surprised nothing has happened to you. to be honest this town needs to be flipped upside down due to a lot of the bs that goes on around her. and for those who thinks its just a death. what if it were your child could you honestly say you will b OK with want they said? Even IF it was an accident as a parent you want to give it your all. for peace right. o but wait y’all live in the perfect world. you look at cases all over where a white person is killed and the family will not settle for bs. they ride it till they cant ride anymore. So is it wrong that these parents want to know and wont settle until it all lines up? You people live in never never land. i would never do this i would never do that until its at your front door. the family feels something is not right and they have all right to feel that way. ask yourself this if a man who holds no law enforcement title at the time comes to your home and said i’ve conducted and criminal investigation and this is my ruling. would u settle for that bs? fist question is Who are u to come up with that conclusion? next if he was such a professional in this case why is he not on any of the records? Well because he means nothing to this case. simple. and the family has the right to sue, its called wrongful death law suite. and if a mother who kills her children and claim she was crazy wins they this family deserves it as well. Get out of never never land you don’t have to believe it. but if something like this has never happened to your child then you don’t matter. ya’ll keep saying ya’ll dont understand well the family doest either. and because they are dealing with people like fake CSI agent Dexter they cant get an understanding. with this being said if you have never lost a child or has never dealt with any of these people you can have an opinion but it doesnt matter. leave this to the PROFESSIONAL. o and yes people do die everyday but your blessed that if you have children this one was not yours. You all have a blessed day!!

  13. Valdostan says:

    One other thing, I can respect Mr. Sharper’s opinion of what might have happened to KJ. I just don’t have to agree. It is what it is, it’s “his” opinion. The problem is he’s calling his opinion FACTS.

    Now I want him, Leigh Touchton or anybody else to explain why the DOJ hasn’t closed this case? Give us one good reason, PLEASE!!

    Other than that, their opinions is just like a butt hole, everyone has one.

    ALLOW THE DOJ TO DO THEIR JOB!! They are the real professionals involving deaths. They are the ones with the resources to do their job.

  14. whitesheep says:

    I’m Dixie and Trixies father and we will be boycotting his father and daughter dance and all of his businesses and would suggest that everyone in the community does the same let Leigh Touchton support him

  15. Bellstrong says:

    The DOJ is not required to to tell anyone if there is an active investigation ongoing!! They can hold the file forever if they want to. Three DOJ attorneys that have been associated with this case have resigned. My guess, we will never hear from the DOJ pertaining to indictments. My opinion, no one can be charged with an accidental death.

  16. Rex Reed says:

    When someone calls another an Uncle Tom, who is the racist? The mouth speaks the heart, I am so over these people that I am beginning to pity KJ. Instead of celebrating KJ’s life, these people are destroying his legacy.

  17. blacksheep says:

    Please remove all of Laurens comments she’s giving me a headache I don’t speak crayon

  18. Former Valdostan says:

    Seems like a lot of hostility and opinions without facts to me. Most of you are mad and Mr Sharper and Mrs.Touchton because they are giving information based on facts as they know them. Why is the DOJ still investigating? Because Mr. Moore was incompetent at closing this case. If there was evidence of a murder there would have been arrests made by now. KJ died and that was tragic and that seems to be the one thing that everyone agrees on. Mr. Sharper did his investigation as a way to get actual facts and if he had went to the family and said he believes there was foul play none of you would be bashing him, you would be singing his praises. It is sad people can’t take the facts and accept them as proof. Say what you want but don’t threaten and talk bad about people who think differently especially if what they say is based off facts.

    • Valdostan says:

      That’s where I think you’re wrong. The case isn’t closed because Mr. Moore is incompetent, it’s NOT closed because there is sufficient evidence to suggest there was a crime.

      It’s NOT closed because the ONLY camera in the gym pointing towards the mats were blurred.

      Did I mention gym? Oh yeah, THE GYM THAT WAS DEMOLISHED.

      • Jamey says:

        Wait, are you serious? The gym was demolished?

        • Gomez Tankeray says:

          BWAHAHAHAHAHA What an idiot. Well yes it was demolished by Chris Prine’s imaginary children who attend the school in secret. They rigged it to implode one night to cover up the heinous crime witht he help of the VPD, LCSO, and GBI. Then they all flew off in their special black hawk helicopter that makes no sound to their secret KKK base to talk with the Aliens about baking more Dindu Muffins.

        • Valdostan says:

          Yes!! And not very long after KJ died.

  19. Unsilent Majority says:

    Poor Mr. Sharper. You put yourself in this situation. No one asked for your help. You saw this as an opportunity to get more “Likes”. Furthermore, your not a TRAINED professional crime scene investigator, so for you to even suggest that your information is factual is ridiculous. I’m disappointed in you Mr. Sharper. You stated in your comments on Facebook, “People will reap what they sow”… Well…It’s harvest time now. We’ll see what happens when it’s election time. The truth about you in your own community has always been revealed. Others are seeing it for themselves now. And Leigh Touchton…Nevermind…

  20. Only Truth says:

    My family knows Dexter professionally and personally. I have worked with him in a professional capacity as well. The only derogatory thing you’ll ever hear me say about him is that his heart and mind get involved in more projects than he can possibly do. If wanting to do more for people in his community than he is capable of is a downfall, then so be it, but that’s a shortcoming that many would love to have. Dexter has started just like the rest of us. His entrepreneurial spirit has taken him to where he is and he’s always had his community’s best interest at heart. He DJ’ed at the skating rink, always making sure the kids were safe and there was an open door policy if anyone needed help. As a paramedic he literally saves lives, and he would save any of yours too. Even those of you speaking ill of him. To that point, how many politicians do you know that still work their side job? The one that probably pays $12 an hour? Ya, not many. Now Dexter is in Atlanta trying to pass a bill that will help locate students who don’t show up for classes. Despite the criticism, threats and slander from the Johnson’s he still pushes onward bc he knows it may save a life one day. You can criticize about his “giveaways” on FB, maybe u just haven’t been the recipient of one of his $20 random drawings lately, but I don’t see anyone else doing that. All any of you are doing is further solidifying his point that Johnson supporters will attack anyone they can who doesn’t stir the shit pot and go their way.

    • Unsilent Majority says:

      I’m not a supporter of the Johnson family. I’m just questioning the validity of the reported “claims” from a man who is a narcissist. We all know what Dexter does and how he toots his own horn afterwards. If you truly care about helping people and you do things for them, don’t brag about it on social media just to get “likes” or attention. Someone said it right earlier. “Dr Jeckle & Mr.Hyde”. He’s been this way all of his life. I’m simply saying I would not be a bit surprised if he fabricated these claims just to get people to chose sides or to bring attention to himself.

      • Valdostan says:

        Absolutely! He’s been this way his entire life. If he does anything, there is an agenda behind it. Frankly, I don’t trust him.

        • Jamey says:

          I agree. I don’t really know much about his politics or anything else about him, but IMO, it seemed a tad unprofessional to post a rant like that on social media as an elected official, especially considering how poorly it was written, plus it contained so much drama. Just my opinion.

          I also don’t find a rant on social media to be newsworthy, but that’s just my opinion too.

          Carry on, Valdosta.

  21. dixie&trixie says:


  22. Valdostavic says:

    What is a KJ anyway?