Officials Monitor Albany Flood Damage

| January 2, 2016


ALBANY – Officials in the Albany area continue the task of assessing the threat posed by the current flooding of the Flint River.

Heavy rainfall north of Albany, and locally, has created flood conditions in the area.

The Flint River did rise over its banks, though no flooding has occurred into homes in the city.  Reports were not as good for areas of Lee County affected by the flooded Kinchafoonee Creek.

Officials will continue to monitor water levels in the event residents will need to be evacuated.

“A 32 foot river is up to the curb level, some areas it is up to the driveway,” an official told WALB in a report. “With the current data we don’t think the water will get in the houses, it will get in a few of the yards.”

Residents will be personally notified if the need to evacuate occurs.


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