Morning News Briefs for 1-27-16

| January 27, 2016


Morning News with Lee Henderson

Camilla officials have released new information connected to the death of regional car salesman Trace Everson who was struck and killed by a driver over the weekend. His wife Sarah Hatcher was the person behind the wheel of the vehicle that struck Everson; she was arrested and charged with DUI and other infractions. Bond was posted and she was released. The charges against her could be upgraded.

Last July seven men from the Norman Park area were charged with the murder of John Hester and a burglary at the home of Sam Brown during which multiple items were stolen including over 20 weapons. later, police say that they went to the home of David Hester where another robbery attempt led to the death of John Hester Sr. In the latest development two of the defendants plan to turn states evidence for reduced charges against them, testifying against the other five persons. They are identified as Ty’Cameron Hayes who has already entered a plea agreement and Adrian Robinson who is set to enter his plea today.

Officials in the town of Ashburn say that gang violence has become a serious problem in their area and steps to curb violent gang activity are being taken. Police say that the main problem involves gang members from different areas of the city and in the most recent incident members of the gangster disciples shot up a local nightclub and a 28 year old unidentified man was left with a gunshot wound. Two arrests have been made so far. The reported gang activity includes daylight robberies, burglaries and gang retaliation.

Thomasville resident Micha Whitehead was spotted driving a stolen truck and the citizen followed him to a church parking lot where Whitehead decided to leave the vehicle and ran away. However, law enforcement officers found him hiding under a porch and he was taken into custody.

Gov. Nathan Deal said Tuesday he’s not forgetting about education reform even though he postponed for a year the legislative consideration of proposals from his Education Reform Commission. Deal had surprised some lawmakers and observers in his State of the State Address the first week of the General Assembly session when he said he wanted to wait until 2017 to consider the legislative changes the Reform Commission is recommending. He has also appointed a panel of teachers to offer their input, addressing criticism of the commission which didn’t include any active, classroom teachers among the administrators and lawmakers he handpicked.

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