Michael’s Law set to take Effect

| January 4, 2016


ATLANTA — With the new year comes new legislation signed into law by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal.

House Bill 152 requires anyone to be 21 or older to enter a bar in Georgia.  Called Michael’s Law, the requirements will go into effect in July.  It was inspired by the death of a Georgia Southern University freshman who was killed by a bar bouncer.  The victim, Michael Gatto, was only 18.

Currently, patrons 18 or older can enter a bar, but can’t drink alcohol until aged 21.

Exceptions to the law include if you are accompanied by a parent or guardian, or if you have paid to see a concert at the bar.

Further, bouncers and bartenders must be 21 or older to work in a bar.

Violations will be reported to the Department of Revenue and can result in fines or revocation of the establishment’s license to serve.


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  1. Twobuckchuck says:

    Thsi young man was a gentle soul. He was hit time after time. He was dragged from the bar to be beaten by the bouncer……. Where is the justice ?