InOtherNews: A Man Got Shot in the Rear Over Who Owned a Snow Shovel

| January 27, 2016


Some people may have thought everyone would UNITE against the blizzard and realize we’re all in this fight together. Nope. People went insane, and turned on each other instead.

A 38-year-old guy in Newark, New Jersey got some of the worst of it . . . all because he tried to do something nice for an old man.

He went outside on Sunday morning, grabbed a show shovel outside of his elderly neighbor’s house, then started clearing two feet of snow from the driveway.

But suddenly ANOTHER neighbor showed up . . . and she claimed the shovel belonged to HER. So the guy gave it to her, and they had a few words . . . but that wasn’t the end of it.

She went home . . . got three men as backup . . . and one of them came outside with a GUN, and pointed it at the guy’s HEAD. He walked away, the woman told the man to SHOOT him . . . and the guy shot him in the BUTT.

The cops haven’t released any information yet on arrests.

NJ Advance Media

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