In Other News: Scientists Figured Out the Trick to Eating Less Pizza

| January 28, 2016


We’re not in the business of helping you eat LESS pizza. Our goal is for you to eat as much as possible.

But if you’re one of those people who believes in idiotic notions like “portion control” and “diabetes prevention,” you might like this.

Scientists at Cornell just published a study that figured out how to TRICK people into eating less pizza. There are two steps:

1. Put the pizza on the BIGGEST table you can find.

2. Cut it into sixteen slices, not eight or 12.

The study found that when pizza was on a big table and had small slices, it tricked people’s brains into thinking the slices weren’t THAT small . . . so they took a very reasonable portion.

But the OPPOSITE happened when a pizza was on a SMALL table. Again, you cut it into small slices. But on the small table, people perceived that pizza as being smaller and the slices as being tiny, so they ate a lot more than normal.

It comes in handy if you’re blowing your New Year’s resolution . . . or maybe you just want to save money at your Super Bowl party?

Cornell University

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