In Other News: How to Win Monopoly Every Single Time

| January 28, 2016
source: imgur

source: imgur

Monopoly is famous for taking FOREVER and leading to brutal fights. So wouldn’t it be better if you could shorten the game, guarantee yourself a win . . . but, yeah, still get into brutal fights?

A random guy online just published a strategy for dominating Monopoly. It’s on the website It exploits a technicality in the rules to make sure you give yourself the best chance of winning.

Basically, he found that the rules limit the number of houses people can buy to 32. Once all the houses are on properties, no one can buy any more, so they either have to pay a ton for hotels or not improve their properties at all.

His strategy is to get a few quick, cheap monopolies . . . buy up as many houses as you can for the properties in those monopolies . . . and DON’T upgrade to hotels.

You’ll get the big payouts when people land on your properties, and you won’t have to pay much when you land on other people’s spaces, because there aren’t enough houses to go around. Now you know.


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