In Other News: Barbie Is Getting Three New Body Types…Tall, Petite, and Curvy

| January 29, 2016

source: Time

Mattel just announced they’re making BIG changes to Barbie dolls. They want to make them more in sync with modern times.

Barbies are now on sale with three new body styles . . . tall, petite, and curvy. The new curvy style seems to be getting the most attention . . . they gave Barbie some bigger thighs, a little bit of a belly, and a larger butt.

And these aren’t, like, Barbie’s friends . . . the dolls are all NAMED Barbie. The original Barbie is still available too.

Mattel says they added the new body types to keep up with society and be more realistically in line with the different girls who buy the dolls. But really, they kinda HAD to do something big for the sake of the business.

Barbie sales are down at least 20% in the past three years, and they’re losing a lot of market share to Disney and Lego . . . so they need this to spark a big sales boost.


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