GDA recalls Nice! Mandarin Oranges sold at Walgreens

| January 12, 2016


Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black is alerting Georgians to the recall of “Nice! Mandarin Oranges” in 8-ounce glass bottles due to potential glass in the product. The product was distributed nationwide to Walgreens stores. Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) inspectors will be checking retail stores and warehouses to make sure the product is no longer available.

Milky Way International Trading Corp. announced the recall of 8-ounce Nice! Brand Mandarin Oranges in Light Syrup. The affected product was distributed to Walgreens stores nationwide and is limited to three production lots. Consumers should check for this product at home, to see if they have any matching lot numbers listed here. The lot codes are located on the product (item #80895) at either the neck or the lid of the glass bottles:

The product has been removed from shelves in Walgreens stores but consumers may have this shelf-stable product in their homes. Consumers should not consume the product, as they could potentially be cut or injured if the product is ingested. Instead, consumers may contact the company at (562) 921-2800, Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

Lot number Bottle Label UPC Case UPC
H894K09A     01/11/2017 0-49022-80895-9 100-49022-80895-6
4200/01039    01/16/2018 0-49022-80895-9 100-49022-80895-6
4200/01039   02/01/2018 0-49022-80895-9 100-49022-80895-6


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