Advanced Disposal participates in National Safety Stand-Down

| January 28, 2016
source: Flikr

source: Flikr

PONTE VEDRA, FLORIDA – Advanced Disposal, an integrated environmental services company, announced today that it has joined the 2016 NWRA Safety Stand-Down, an initiative of the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA). This week-long training and awareness effort is focused around reducing accidents, fatalities and injuries related to truck backing incidents which represents a common challenge for the industry.

The NWRA Safety Stand-Down on vehicle backing runs the week of Jan. 25 – 29, 2016. Advanced Disposal is a national member of NWRA and shares NWRA’s commitment toward significantly improving safety for the waste and recycling industry.

Participation in the Stand-Down initiative means that Advanced Disposal has joined with waste and recycling companies across the country to commit to:

1. Conducting a risk assessment at job sites and reviewing safety policies and procedures for backing.

2. Reviewing company policies, procedures, consider enhancements, and then training staff on any changes.

3. Posting Stand-Down materials to the company website, in employee meeting rooms and on social media sites.

“Advanced Disposal is proud to partner with NWRA and participate in this nation-wide program. There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our team members, our customers and our communities. It is such a critical part of our business; we have made it part our mission statement … Service First. Safety Always,” said Richard Burke, chief executive officer of Advanced Disposal. “Our team members represent a ‘Driven to Deliver’ attitude and we are committed to helping improve safety across our industry. Working with the NWRA and other industry partners, we will continue to seek new ways to raise awareness and effectively communicate our safety priorities to all.”

NWRA has made safety its top priority, a pledge shared by its member companies. This Stand-Down program is positioned to provide participating companies with the tools, guidance and support necessary to move the needle on backing incidents. The initiative brings together companies and interested parties throughout the nation to raise awareness and standards for safety by following sound safety practices and by sharing experiences and solutions.

“We are proud of the commitment of our members to work together to raise the bar for safety in our industry,” said Sharon H. Kneiss, NWRA president and chief executive officer. “We recognize the need and are striving to make a real difference in keeping our workers and the people they serve safe.”

In November, NWRA’s Kneiss issued a call-to-action on safety for the industry to work toward significantly reducing injuries and fatalities in waste and recycling facilities as part of a comprehensive, data-driven and multifaceted initiative. NWRA is making in-house experts available to member companies to assist in adapting best practices to their individual facilities and implement them accordingly.

As the designated secretariat for ANSI Standards for the waste and recycling industry for more than fifty years, NWRA also coordinates the ongoing development of new and revised standards for both equipment and protective gear.

Additional details about the Stand-Down effort can be found at: The Safety Stand-Down effort is using the social media hashtag #StandForSafety.

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