Woman Arrested for Failing to Leave Hospital, Dies Shortly after Arrest

| December 23, 2015


BLOUNTSTOWN — A woman died after being arrested by police in Blountstown, Florida.  She was arrested for refusing to leave a hospital.

WCTV is reporting Barbara Dawson, 57, arrived at the Calhoun-Liberty Hospital Sunday night complaining of stomach pains.  However, when Dawson refused to leave, hospital authorities called the police to arrest her for disorderly conduct and trespassing.  Dawson’s family stated in the report that she refused to leave because she was still in pain.

When officers arrived, they handcuffed Dawson, who her family stated in the report, used oxygen “24-7”, and attempted to place her in the police car.

At that point, Dawson collapsed before she was put inside the police car.  A physician, who the report states was present during the incident, stated he would readmit Dawson to the hospital.  The officer then removed the handcuffs from Dawson, who was unconscious.

The Blountstown Police Chief, Mark Mallory, stated in the report that Dawson was breathing and had a pulse when hospital personnel put her on a stretcher and took her back into the hospital.

Dawson died shortly after being readmitted to the hospital.  The District 14 Medical Examiner was reported by WCTV as stating that the death has been ruled natural and the cause of death was due to a blood clot in the lungs

Since then, the Calhoun-Liberty County NAACP Chapter has become involved on behalf of Dawson’s family.  The report stated they held an emergency meeting on Tuesday.

Dale Landry, the 2nd Vice President for the Florida NAACP, told WCTV in an interview, “Justice is those that were responsible for her death, especially negligent homicide, they need to be held accountable in a court of law. And then, if her death was wrongfully determined, then somehow, someway, there needs to be some sort of recompense to the family. Because here we have an innocent person taken into custody and now they’ve lost their life when all they did was come and ask for medical help.”

The Agency for Health Care Administration released the following statement on Tuesday regarding the incident:

“The Agency is aware of the incident that occurred at Liberty Calhoun Hospital and we’re reviewing the incident to determine appropriate actions within our Agency’s purview. We offer our condolences to the patient’s family for whatever may have occurred. The Agency takes very seriously our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all patients and to hold those health care facilities who fail to do so accountable to the patients they serve. Each facility will continue to be held to these high standards.”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has taken over the investigation.

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3 Comments on "Woman Arrested for Failing to Leave Hospital, Dies Shortly after Arrest"

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  1. Rex Reed says:

    If this story is accurate, then this will be worth following. If one of my family members goes to get medical help and the hospital refuses service that results in their death at that same hospital, I’m going to own that hospital.

    • Amazing Man says:

      Wow…I’m sure the whole world of hospital attorneys are now shivering in their boots as the mighty Rex Reed evinces his intention to the world.

      I wanta’ hang with you bro!

    • Ramona migliore says:

      If true this is inexcusable
      Sue sue sue
      In this case it doesn’t look like it was the police’s fAult
      My question would be did the woman have insurance did they try to get rid of her because she didn’t have insurance because that’s what a lot of hospitals do