VMS Students Selected in the District 8 Honor and Clinic Band

| December 10, 2015

Honor Band 151205

VALDOSTA — Saturday, the Valdosta Middle School band sent 25 students to audition for the District 8 Honor Band. Twenty three out of 25 auditioning VMS band students were selected to participate in the District 8 Honor Band and Clinic Band. That’s a 92% success rate. Seven students were also chosen to represent VMS at the State Level audition in Perry in January.

The 7 students selected to go on to the final round of all state band auditions are: Cara Sellars, Sophia Noll, Albert Kang, Hailey Williams, Jordan Brown, Nadia Yankovskyy

The honor band students selected are:

Cara Sellars, 1st chair flute; Sophia Noll, 1st chair oboe; Zoe Martin, 1st chair French horn; Jordan Brown, 1st Chair baritone; Callie Belflower; Phaedra Hicks; Jaida Brown; Albert Kang; Katie Lancaster; Hailey Williams; Braden Howard; Julian Gonzalez; Jay Patel; Kailey Williams

The clinic band students selected are: Amelia Barnett, 1st chair flute; Nadia Yankovskyy, 1st chair oboe; Ekshya Katawal; Olivia Ellis; Kira Mitchell; Owen Anderson; Mason Thompson; Pooja Patel; Hector Prieto

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