Valdosta City Schools’ Central Office Celebrates the Holiday with Books for Students

| December 17, 2015


The Central Office staff of Valdosta City Schools (VCS) raised money throughout the year to purchase grade level appropriate books for students as a holiday treat. This year over 1,095 students in three of the system’s elementary schools were presented with a gift wrapped book.

Kiley Cashwell, an employee in the payroll department of VCS, had the idea after visiting many of the schools and reading to classes for special occasions like Read for the Record and Read across America Day.

“I saw how much the children enjoyed the reading events and wanted to do more for the students,” said Cashwell. “My original goal was kindergarten at one school, this goal was quickly met and exceeded.”

This year students in each PreK through second grade class in J.L. Lomax, S.L. Mason and Pinevale Elementary Schools were given wrapped books during a classroom visit from special guest readers. The guest readers also brought in snacks and drinks for each student to enjoy after they read a story together. Fifty-five classes received visits from over 35 guest readers representing the Central Office, Valdosta Board of Education, and students from Valdosta Early College Academy.

Cashwell’s goal is to expand to each of the elementary schools within the district for the holiday season of 2016. This year the central office staff raised $1,500 to purchase the books and they have set goals for even more next year. If anyone would like to make a donation or has questions about the book drive for students, contact Kiley Cashwell at (229) 671-6050 or

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