Trump posts Strong Lead in Georgia Poll

| December 14, 2015

Georgia Politics


Just days after Donald Trump and Ben Carson visited Georgia, a new poll shows that the two candidates’ neck-and-neck polling has broken, with Trump emerging as the GOP favorite in the Peach State.

A new Landmark / Rosetta Stone poll reports that Donald Trump is locking in support from 43% of likely GOP Primary voters.

Ben Carson, however, has taken a significant dip in Georgia, now standing at 7% in the most recent poll. Compare that to a separate poll released last month by OpinionSavvy / InsiderAdvantage, who reported that Carson had a slight lead over Trump, polling at 26% over Trump’s 24%.

Ted Cruz, who doubled his support from Landmark / Rosetta Stone’s September poll, comes in at a distant second place with 16% support. Marco Rubio also made modest gains, rising from 9% in September to 11%.

The poll also measured support for Trump’s plan to temporarily block all Muslims from entering the United States, and found that 72% of those questioned were supportive of the idea.

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  1. blacksheep says:

    I just cant believe that so many people cant see this guy is just a plant for the Clintons he has upset every minority group possible so how can he win a national election republicans are not to smart