Mall Disturbance Not a Shooting according to TPD

| December 15, 2015


TALLAHASSEE — The incident over the weekend at a Tallahassee mall has been confirmed to have not been a shooting.

After a thorough investigation, authorities have stated no shots have been confirmed to have been fired at the mall.  The noise heard was the result of a fight and someone throwing a garbage can.

However, investigators are still looking into reports of a man with a gun, which occurred about the same time as the shooting reports.  So far, police report no indication that the two are related, other than by coincidence.

With many on edge in fear of potential terror attacks at common areas of public gathering, authorities took appropriate steps to confirm everyone’s safety, including evacuating the Governors’ Square Mall.

Details reported regarding the noise stemmed from a fight which occurred.  According to Tallahassee Police Department Officer David Northway, in an interview with WCTV, “Someone picked up a garbage can at some point, and threw it to the ground.  And as it bounced down the halls, it echoed.  And because there was a fight on, there was an assumption there was a loud noise, which people put two and two together and got gunshots.”

Reports state no one has stated the cause of the fight and no one, to this point, has been arrested.  However, charges may still be forthcoming, pending further investigation.


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