Lowndes Democrats host Forum on Dog Tethering Ordinance

| December 4, 2015


VALDOSTA — The Lowndes County Democrat Party will host a public meeting regarding animal rights issues, including proposed anti-tethering ordinances for Lowndes County.

The event will be held Monday, December 7, at 6:00 pm at Mama June’s restaurant at 3286 Inner Perimeter Road.

“The manner in which we care for our pets is a measure of the quality of our community as a whole. A community that tolerates animal cruelty and neglect is one that tolerates low standards throughout the community,” says guest speaker, Dr. Amanda Hall from Baytree Animal Hospital.

She will be joined on a panel by Dr. Tom Aiello, VSU History Department, Ashlie Prain, VSU Anthropology Department, and Michelle Williams, Pixel Fund Rescue, all animal rights advocates.

Dr. Hall is proposing anti-tethering ordinances for Lowndes County.  In January, almost a year ago, Dr. Hall initially proposed the ordinance to the Lowndes County Commission with numerous citizens voicing support.  However, since that time no action has been taken by the commission.

The public is encouraged to attend.  You do not have to purchase a meal to attend the discussion.


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8 Comments on "Lowndes Democrats host Forum on Dog Tethering Ordinance"

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  1. Jim says:

    Is it animal cruelty to enact rules that could increase the rate of roadkilled pets? Is it fair to families to force them to give up the right of pet ownership because they lack the funds for a fence or enclosure? Get a grip White Progressives, there are more important issues affecting humans, especially in Lowndes County, than forcing pet owners to lock their animals up in the house 24/7. The reactions to these types of rules/laws will prove to more cruel to the animals than any “tethering”. Not to mention the burdens you place on their human owners.

    Valdosta Today, report back with all the quotes from crazy Progressives that continually give human characteristics to animals. Us normal Dog lovers love to mock to them.

  2. LCHB says:

    If Dr. Hall is so concerned with helping animals, maybe she should attend one of those adoption days at Petsmart. It’s absolutely cruel to have cat cages sitting on top of dog cages. No one is going to want to adopt a terrified cat that is a nervous wreck due to all of the noise and barking. I own both cats and a dog and when the dog gets upset, the cats get upset.

    This past Saturday was a train wreck. I had to stop for cat litter and was mortified at how terrified the cats were.

    Adoption is a wonderful thing, all of our pets came to our home through adoption or as strays, but there needs to be a cat adoption day and a dog adoption day. You’re not able to judge the cat’s true nature when they’re being terrorized by all of the surrounding noise.

    • Jim says:

      Dr. Hall is a veterinarian that is very concerned about animal welfare in Lowndes County. She knows about the goings on at Petsmart. There’s only so much one person can do. Perhaps you could spearhead the effort you propose?

  3. Randy Horn says:

    I’m so glad there is not a cat tethering ordinance.

  4. MommaLissa says:

    Lowndes has a problem with loose dogs, not tethered ones. Silly Dems!

  5. Matt says:

    They could care less about the animals. Its because this woman is most likely an attention wh@$%. What it’s going to do is lead to poorer families in the city being ticketed until eventually they exceed their violation limit and their animals are seized and sent to the pound then euthanized. It will probably help a dozen or so animals and lead to the deaths of hundreds. So that someone can feel important because they made a difference.

  6. Jim says:

    @MommaLissa, there’s been a number of dogs found dead at the end of a tether, because their owners moved out of the house, didn’t take them, and they either starved or died of thirst. When a dog is subjected to a totally tethered, outdoor existence, it does serious damage to its psyche. That’s not what they were bred by us to do for us humans.

    • Jim says:


      There are already animal cruelty laws in place for that type of neglect and abandonment. The vast majority of animals that are tethered are done so at increment times, but of course we would rather force people to give up their animals or send them to the slaughter house with laws that aren’t completely thought out.

      Best Regards,
      The Other Jim