Incredible Story of Carjacking, Kidnapping, and Bank Robbery

| December 11, 2015


TALLAHASSEE — A carjacking/kidnapping victim shared his harrowing story of being forced at gunpoint to help rob a bank and provide the escape vehicle.

In an interview posted by WCTV, Richard Camp, a Tallahassee father of 3, recalls the incredible story of being carjacked, at gunpoint, told to drive to a bank in Tallahassee, be involved in the robbery, before driving the suspect away down I-10.

According to the report from WCTV, Camp was sitting in his car near Capital Circle NE Thursday morning reading a newspaper when he was startled by a knock on his passenger-side window.  He looked up and saw Charles Vaughn, III, 26, holding a gun pointed at him.

“He told me to open the door and to take him west,” Camp said in the report.

Vaughn then demanded Camp drive him to a bank drive thru.  When they arrived, Vaughn told the teller that he was robbing the bank and if she didn’t give him “all the money” he’d shoot Camp.  He started counting down from 10.

The teller complied, gave Vaughn some money, and Camp drove him off, west, as he was instructed.

They entered I-10 and headed west.  Vaughn told Camp not to speed, but “to go”.

Camp tried reasoning with Vaughn as they drove, according to the report from WCTV, but Vaughn told him his life was already “screwed”; he had already robbed 15 banks.

As they neared the Monroe Street exit, Vaughn instructed Camp to exit and go to a pharmacy.  He wanted pain killers.

Again, using the drive thru window, Vaughn pointed the gun at Camp’s head and demanded medication from the pharmacist.  Again, he started counting down, threatening to shoot Camp if he was not obeyed.

Camp was told to drive to Fred George Road, then stopped so Vaughn could leave the car and run into a wooded area.  Camp drove off, found some construction workers, and asked them to call 911.  However, law enforcement was already closing in, following the events unfolding.

Officers found Vaughn and shot him.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Camp now has a new perspective on his life after this episode.  It’ll be a a thankful holiday season now, according to his comments to WCTV.

“Puts a whole different perspective on life,” Camp said in the report.  He also wishes he had protection.

Camp stated he did not have a concealed carry permit, but plans on getting one now.


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