Henry County Couple charged in Foster Child Death

| December 7, 2015


McDONOUGH – A Henry County couple fostering a 2-year old child has been charged with murder related to her death.

WGCL is reporting that Jennifer Rosenbaum, 27, and Joseph Rosenbaum, 26, were arrested Friday night on murder charges related to the death of Lalia Marie Daniel, 2, who died November 17.

Jennifer Rosenbaum was planning to run for a seat on the Henry County Board of Commissioners next year.

The couple has been charged with murder, aggravated assault, and cruelty to children.  The report states the charges result from excessive physical or mental pain and negligence caused by the couple to the child.

In the report filed by WGCL, the station states Henry County police would not give any details about their investigation.  However, the station investigated further, speaking with people familiar with the circumstances surrounding the case.

The report states one of the Rosenbaums’ neighbors as claiming Jennifer Rosenbaum came to her door in August asking her to check on Laila, saying the toddler fell down the stairs. However, according to the neighbor — a nurse who did not wish to be identified in the report — the girl’s injuries did not appear to come from a fall. She also said Rosenbaum promised she would take the girl to the hospital, but she later learned Rosenbaum never did.

She also said in the WGCL report that the child became injured at least one other time in October with a broken leg.

Kellie Hatcher, a friend of the child’s biological mother, told WGCL that the little girl’s death came on the same day that authorities announced they were going to give the girl back to her mother.

The report also noted there was a bizarre piece to the story.  Hatcher told the station that Rosenbaum was a foster child herself who grew up in the same house as the girl’s biological mother. She said Rosenbaum independently learned Laila was being separated from her mother and arranged to become her new foster parent.

Laila was originally removed from her mother’s house because her mother failed a drug test.

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