Group Petitions for Gay Pride Festivus Pole

| December 18, 2015
Image from Z-Politics

Image from Z-Politics


The Humanity Project describes its mission as “combating social injustice with humor”, particularly when it comes to fighting for the separation between church and state.

Now, the Florida-based group is petitioning Georgia officials to display a gay pride “Festivus pole” in the state capitol building, which is topped with a disco ball and wrapped in rainbow colors. So far, they’ve been successful in Florida, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, and Washington.

From the Humanity Project’s website:

In December of 2013, I felt that the religious symbols prominently showcased in the Florida State Capitol were implying that certain viewpoints had state endorsement. To protest this violation of our rights, I decided to force Florida to allow me to erect a Festivus Pole, a symbol from the fictious holiday created within the scripts of the Seinfeld show, with the same prominence given to the manger and menorah. The protest was an international sensation during the holiday season that was nationally recognized on The Colbert Report, Daily Show, Fox News, and hundreds of media outlets.

We could not stand by while religious fanatics denied people their basic human rights and dignity, and watched in abject horror as Kim Davis, and her followers, flout the law of the land.

The Humanity Fund has decided to take our advocacy a step further by placing Festivus Poles across the country, so the world can collectively and jubilantly protest this harassment, while making the world a better place. With your generous help and support, we will erect rainbow poles from DC to LA and beyond.

The proposal was approved on Thursday.  There will be a Gay Pride Festivus Pole on the state capitol grounds.

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