Florida Teens die while in Garage

| December 22, 2015


ST. PETERSBURG — Police say two teenagers were found dead inside an SUV in a garage, though their deaths appear to be accidental.

In a news release Monday, St. Petersburg police said a woman found her son, Dorian Andres Gomez Poehlmann, 17, with his girlfriend, Emily Rose Sabow, 14, in the family’s garage, which was not attached to their apartment.

Police say they were in the boy’s 2002 Mitsubishi SUV. The garage door was closed, and the vehicle was running. Investigators say it doesn’t appear to be a case of suicide.

The woman said her son left home Sunday afternoon to get his girlfriend. She was unaware of their return. She told police she tried calling him several times and reported them missing Sunday night.

Both victims attended Riverview High School in Hillsborough County.

Autopsies will be performed.

Associated Press

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