Couple Trapped by Christmas House Fire, Saved by Alert Neighbor

| December 28, 2015


THOMASVILLE — Tragedy was averted when an elderly couple escaped a Christmas morning house fire in Thomasville.

The fire occurred around 9 a.m. Friday morning at 200 Lucy Street in Thomasville.

An alert neighbor, Ricky Cliett, heard his father screaming that the house next door was on fire and an elderly couple was inside.  Cliett took action.

“I actually didn’t think about it I had no idea,” Cliett said in a WALB interview. “When I came out the door and I seen it on fire I just knew I had to do something.”

Cliett worked with other neighbors to free the couple from the home by breaking through windows as fire fighters arrived on the scene.  By that time the house was totally engulfed in flames.

“[It was] strength through God I guess cause I know I wasn’t strong enough to do what I did,” Cliett told WALB. “I just popped it in, it popped. “I didn’t snatch it off completely. I popped it. But they snatched it off, completely off the window.”

Thomasville Fire Investigators were quoted in the story as saying they suspected overloaded extension cords or a power strip as the probable cause of the fire.  The home also did not have operating fire and smoke detectors.

The couple was treated, but their home is a total loss, according to the report.  Further, firefighters noted in the report that had the couple had fire detectors, it would have been easier for them to escape.

Thomasville residents can get a smoke detector installed in their home for free by contacting the Thomasville Fire Department.



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