Afghan Pilots Training at Moody Missing

| December 8, 2015


MOODY AIR FORCE BASE – Two male Afghan air force students did not report for duty yesterday at their regular maintenance training at Moody AFB

According to a Moody AFB release, both are assigned to the 81st Fighter Squadron. They have been at Moody since February 2015 and were screened prior to their arrival in the United States more than a year ago.

The students have trained alongside American counterparts for the entirety of 2015.  The Air Force is stating that they do not believe the two “pose any apparent threat”.

There is a well-coordinated process among federal agencies to locate the individuals as quickly as possible and return them accordingly to the proper authorities to manage their present situation.

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6 Comments on "Afghan Pilots Training at Moody Missing"

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  1. Walter Diahatsu says:

    Well I knew that was gonna happen. We trained the Iranians..they turned on us….trained the Afghans…they turned on us….trained the Iraqis and they ….well you get the idea. Want to know the definition of insanity.?

  2. M Bumstead says:

    Every other news source has reported these two as part of the maintenance crew. Why is it that a news source from the very town where this base is located has them listed as Pilots, in their headline? Please tell us Valdosta Today is responsible for the sloppy reporting.

    • Chip Harp says:

      Valdosta Today has quoted the official release provided by the US Air Force. We have received no other information OFFICIALLY than what has been posted, including the unsanctioned posting of the pilots’ photos as requested by the Air Force. Any other outlets noting contrary information are using sources outside of official channels. Our information still holds that these are in fact pilots until contrary information is provided by the Air Force. If this proves contrary, we will also report that information.

  3. LT Walker says:

    How are you supposed to “see something, say something”, if you don’t know who you are looking for? Come on Moody, print some pictures!

  4. Tom says:

    If you are going to report at least get the facts right. They are not pilots. They are aircraft maintenance personnel.