Threats on Twitter result in Arrest

| November 20, 2015


VALDOSTA — Threats made by a Valdosta teen on Twitter result in his arrest on Terroristic Threat charges.

Earlier this week, Valdosta Police received information that an unknown person, later identified as Luther Ward, 19 from Valdosta, posted a message on Twitter threatening to take a backpack bomb to school. The threat did not mention a particular school, nor did the threat mention a particular city in which this would occur.

The investigation was led by the Valdosta Persons Crime Unit, working with the multi-agency Anti-Terrorism Task Force.  They discovered that Ward was from the Valdosta area.

As a precaution, the police department notified all local law enforcement agencies of the threat and notifications included all local schools and Valdosta State University. The investigation confirmed that the tweet was sent out by Ward.

An arrest warrant was obtained against Ward for terroristic threats. Ward turned himself in to the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office Thursday.

“With the attacks against innocent persons all over the globe, any threat to bomb a target or threat to inflict mass injury will not be tolerated. If anyone wishes to make such threats, we will take them at their word and do everything in our power to identity and prosecute them” said Lt. Kari Williams.

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