Staton Addresses Racist Graffiti found on Campus

| November 18, 2015

Valdosta State

VALDOSTA — Valdosta State University interim President Cecil Staton commented via written statement concerning racist graffiti found on campus.

The graffiti, said to have been written on a Nevins Hall bathroom wall, stated, “#MizzouStudentsAreCrybabies #WhiteLivesMatter.”  It was written above a swastika.

Here are Staton’s comments:

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, and Retirees:

This morning an act of intolerance occurred on our campus. The nature of this incident is an inappropriate example of speech that does not reflect the code to which we hold ourselves – The Blazer Creed. We, the Blazer Community, should remember what it says about the way we treat one another on this campus: “A Blazer shows courtesy and compassion as well as respect for the dignity of every human being.”

The University does not condone the behavior exhibited this morning but rather encourages inclusion of all our campus community members and civil discourse. The institution is currently investigating the matter and will respond accordingly and quickly. If you think you witnessed a hate crime issue, please report it to the University Police Department immediately at (229) 259-5555. They will investigate and charges will be filed if the evidence warrants them. Please alert the Office of Social Equity next as they have the responsibility to address these issues administratively at (229) 333-5463.

Additionally, I have tasked members of the Cabinet with setting up a new President’s Diversity Task Force to address not just this incident but to look strategically at diversity issues on this campus. It will work in conjunction with and coordinate the activities of existing diversity groups.

We appreciate the continuing support of all members of the University community, students, faculty and staff, as we strive to create a learning environment based on the principles of the Blazer Creed: civility, integrity and citizenship.

Cecil P Staton

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6 Comments on "Staton Addresses Racist Graffiti found on Campus"

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  1. J says:

    Thank you Mr. Staton for such a swift response. It is refreshing to see leadership taking a stance and not condoning these types of behaviors by sitting back and doing nothing!

  2. Elmore Wrathmore JR says:

    Plot twist….it was black students.

  3. LCHB says:

    So “white lives matter” is racist but “black lives matter” isn’t?

    Am I the only one seeing a double standard here?

    • J says:

      It the context in which it’s being stated. You cant just separate that from the statement before it. The fact is there was a lot of racial injustices being done at Mizzou and the students (all students, of all races) should be applauded for standing up and saying that it’s wrong, not be labeled as crybabies. black live matter, white lives matter, Hispanic lives matter, Asian lives matter….all lives matter. They never said black lives matter more, it’s a statement that basically says “our lives matter too” bc historically, they have not been treated as such.

      • Abel says:

        I just don’t believe that there were a lot of racial injustices being done at Mizzou. Those are college educated children there and not one of them was smart enough to file a police report?
        All I could find when I read on it was a one time hate symbol written in poop that anyone reported.
        Sounds more like to me they want to be a Movement and went to making stuff up and using any excuse they could to goof off at school.