Johnson’s Father has No Evidence of Murder

| November 5, 2015
Source: Family Photo

Source: Family Photo

VALDOSTA — Circuit Judge J. Richard Porter on Wednesday denied a motion by the Department of Justice to halt the evidence discovery phase of a $100 million civil lawsuit filed by the parents of Kendrick Johnson.

In a report from the Valdosta Daily Times, it was stated that as part of that hearing, Johnson’s father, Kenneth Johnson, testified he has no evidence his son was murdered by the sons of FBI Agent Rick Bell.  This testimony was part of depositions presented in court on Wednesday.  Johnson’s family has alleged their son was murdered by Bell’s sons and the cause of death was part of a massive cover up executed by a large group of state and local law enforcement officials.

Representatives of the almost 40 named defendants in the suit, brought by the Johnson family, were in the courtroom as part of the hearing, in addition to the Johnson family, supporters, and legal team.

Judge Porter ruled on three motions presented by the U.S. Department of Justice: A motion to intervene, a motion to stay, and a motion to file motions under seal.

The case is a result of the death of Kendrick Johnson, who was found dead in a rolled up wrestling mat at Lowndes High School in 2013.  Though all investigations to date and evidence have concluded the tragic death was an accident, the victim’s family has insisted their son died as a result of actions brought by the Bell family including the aforementioned broad cover up.  This suit is part of those accusations.

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17 Comments on "Johnson’s Father has No Evidence of Murder"

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  1. faketony says:

    Like the KJWarriors, to this day the Alfred Wright family in Texas continue to claim with zero evidence their son was killed by white people.

    It’s sad when these families refuse to accept the evidence and claim cover-up.

  2. Robert says:

    No evidence or anything. The family is money hungry! Why sue for $100 million? What purpose does that serve? People are always out to benefit. In this case, the parents are trying to benefit from the death of their child. Will they donate any of the $100 million to any other family that has had their child’s death “covered up”? More than likely no. They will take the $100 million and buy flashy cars and spend it on whatever. No fund will be established and no investment will be completed. Sad that a parent instead of remembering their child, o ly seeks out to make millions. What they are doing is not making a statement for the right causes.

    • Deee says:

      Frost off they are not money hungry that’s their baby boy hell if it was your child you’ll do the exact same thing probably more know the whole case and things that aren’t Bein taken seriously or into evictence like things that was not his body blood on the wall etc yes you pist me the hell because that was my frend and he lost his life behind jealous ppl but no pressure Kj baby boy God sits high no looks down low #nojusticenopeace counties to fly high baby yu are truly missed nd loved

      • SAY WHAT says:


      • Just a Thought says:

        Is this what you were “trying” to say or get across with your comment? I couldn’t quite get it with the incorrect use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation?? Maybe this will help the other readers out there too! 🙂

        Frost (First) off, they (KJ’s Family) are not money hungry. That was their baby boy! Hell, if it was your child you would do the exact same thing, probably more!

        know (No or Now??) information about the whole case (??) and things that are not being taken seriously or into evictence (evidence); like for instance that was not his body(???) or his blood on the wall, etc.

        Yes, you pist (pissed) me the hell (off?) because that was my frend (friend) and he lost his life. Behind jealous people, but no pressure. KJ, baby boy, God sits high no (and) looks down low (???). #nojusticenopeace
        Counties to fly high (???)
        Baby yu (you) are truly missed nd (and) loved! Deee

      • Elmore Wrathmore says:

        Frost off? HAHAHAHA.

        Anyways all that “evictence” has been considered by multiple Law Enforcement agencies. Show me some “evictence” that he was murdered. Horrible accident sure, racially motivated murder? Nah I don’t think so Deee.

        His parents and his lawyer are money hungry. Where were they when he was supposedly being “harassed”? Oh yea..being pawned off on Granny and Dad was off some place else. This is about a pay day and not accepting evidence and facts. I honestly think they family would drop this case but their Lawyer needs that money to recoup his losses and so he won’t let them. He knows that eventually the County will settle just to shut them up and now it’s just a waiting game.

        • Robert says:

          Don’t forget the second coroner that was paid off to give the family the autopsy report that waa wanted by the family. I’m sure he wasn’t cheap at all.

      • Jim Zachary says:


        We are looking for good writers at the Valdosta Times.

        You are wonderful.

        We urge you to apply.

        Please call and ask for Jim.

      • Robert says:

        I hav naw clu as tu wat yu are sayin. Pleaz com bak win yure edumacated with a gud response

      • Dr Do little says:

        Bahahahaha. And we the taxpayers are paying for this great addition to society

  3. MommaLissa says:

    I hope that the DOJ completes their investigation soon. Either charge some folks with a crime or move on.

  4. victo jones says:

    WOW…DEE, did you graduate – or at least in school? If so, what did you do during school hours? That was just horrible! I don’t understand how you can write so bad with education being a free thing that is offered to everyone!


    When I had my baby @sgmc in Dec. 2014 this came from the wife of a Sergeant. “They won’t every arrest anyone in this case because the evidence has been tampered” its a very sad case though because how did he manage to climb in the mat for the shoes that were positioned on top of him in the photos? There was without any doubt in my mind foul play. Unfortunately, because the Johnson family doesn’t have the support in believing them this will be yet another unsolved case! Pro- black doesn’t mean anti-white! I believe that this race thing is just a distraction from the fact that the boy was murdered period! Before that happened kj was apart of lowndes school system and they treat the family like he didn’t even matter! That to me, is a slap in the face all the years of service Jackie gave them!

    • Yes, Always says:

      Yes, when needing factual info about a case, ALWAYS count on the wife of someone to get all the facts needed to make a conclusion.

      Also, what picture? There is no picture of KJ with shoes on top of him. I guess the wife told you that one also.

    • Elmore Wrathmore says:

      Well my sister’s hairdresser’s best friend’s cousin’s college roommate said that she knows the Sheriff’s landscaper’s ex-mother in law’s former softball teammate said he likes chicken biscuits.

  6. Only Truth says:

    Lmao…. Ever notice the only people still supporting the Johnson’s made up allegations are damn near illiterate? Let me break it down for ya, I read the case file and didn’t depend on my bff’s girlfriend’s mothers hairdresser for the FACTS. kid reached into the mat to get his shoes, why were his shoes in the mat and not in a locker you ask….? Well let me answer that too, they were in there bc his pos momma n daddy (whom he didn’t even live with at the time) were apparently too broke or just to cheap to get him a locker for $10. I’ve seen or heard Jackie ask, “I just want to know what happened to my baby” at least 100 times. Her dumbass knows that had she got him a damn locker he’d likely still be alive. Guilt is what drives them, I’ve never met a mad black woman in my life that will admit her shortcomings or wrongs. Same is the case with j & k Johnson. They are looking to railroad a family for $$$. Sad part is if they hadn’t been so damn greedy they probably could have gotten a decent out of court settlement from the school. Greed gets ya no where.

  7. Jermica cole says:

    In this case there is a offense and a defense which neither have a clue. To which all these comments are based on people talking out of hatred but neither side knows how the argument is affecting this child soul.Should this be called an accident or a life taken only the People or person involve has to deal with that with their very own soul.People this argument between a family and the system isn’t really justifying wrong or right it just gives us as not white nor black but us as people as human being an acusse to not let this child rest in peace.My heart and prayers goes out to the family of thus child and my prayers goes out to anyone who fail to take responsibility in their action but only God has that right to judge even if it was right or wrong.when god invites you to his home no amount of money can pay for a bed.But the greed and conflict can have him rest in peace. People get it together this is a child’s life not a debate or an auction. Leave it in the hands of the Lord