Bible Verse on Headband disqualifies Runner

| November 12, 2015


FORSYTH — John Green, a high school runner for West Forsyth, was third to cross the finish line in his state championship race. However, Green discovered that the Georgia High School Association placed him last because he wore a headband that featured a bible verse. Seriously.

The story, originally picked up by Forsyth News, has begun to make national headlines. Here’s what

On Saturday, West Forsyth’s John Green was the third runner out of 226 to cross the finish line in the Class AAAAAA state championship race at Carrollton High School. Soon after collapsing from his effort and offering, as well as receiving, high fives from opponents as they walked by the cool-down tent, Green found out he placed 226th out of 226.

The Georgia High School Association’s inconsistent enforcement of a vague, incorrigible rule is to blame for stripping Green from his greatest race in his senior season.

Green was disqualified by GHSA officials for sporting a white, plain head band with “Isaiah 40:30-31” written across the front—the same head band the Forsyth County News has photo evidence of him wearing when he was not disqualified in last year’s state meet.

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10 Comments on "Bible Verse on Headband disqualifies Runner"

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  1. William says:

    And the “Vague incorrigible rule” was ….what? No head bands? no head bands with logos or writing? No Bible references on clothing? Clearly, it must have been something unrelated to the religious content or the story- clearly sensationalized to rouse religious freedom fervor- would have said so. there was no follow-up with administration officials nor any reference to what they told the kid about his disqualification. Yellow journalism at its best.

  2. William says:

    Do your homework, get some background. Don’t just try to titillate the base with inaccurate stories.
    A quick look at the Fox News-Atlanta site shows there was a rule that said no writing, logos etc on the track suit or headwear. The refs pointed out the writing to the runner and his coach before the race and told them to remove it- the runner removed the head band and the ref assumed it would not be worn during the race, but the kid put it back on before he ran.
    The rule involved in set out in the story.

  3. Skip says:

    I admire this young man for his inspiration to others for faith in the Lord. When persecuted for the Lord’s name he is laying up treasure in heaven. The world is becoming ever more hostile to Christ and when he returns he is going to “return the favor” as it were. Whom do YOU serve?

    • Anonymous says:

      Except there was a rule that said there could be no writing, logos, etc. on the tracksuits or head wear. No one was persecuted for their faith. Instead, just another Christian who believes the rules don’t apply to them. This young man is only an inspiration to privileged douches who think the world revolves around them.

      • Jozue says:

        He run glorifying God and accepted punishment. Not all rules or laws are moral but as Christians we are called to obey authorities. Anonymous you sound bitter against Christians, why?

  4. Patricia Jordan says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. We are still a Christian Nation. It is his head and even though it is writing He can still pray. We can do all things through HIM who strengthens us. These officials ought to be removed and SUED!! Good job John. We all need to win this for you!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope, the US is a secular nation. Please read the Constitution. Also, why should the officials be removed and sued? There was a very clear rule that runners track gear couldn’t have logos, writing, etc. on them. Apparently the only thing this kid could do through HIM who strengthens us is disobey the rules.

  5. ken moore says:

    Public Hell School

  6. Bill Jones says:

    Good news. The root of all evil is Christianity, along with the rest of the foolish, man made religions of the world.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Preston says:

    This young man of faith should be honored not insulted and humiliated. Look around at his peers and see all the drugs and alcohol abuse and worse…then look back at this hero and ask yourself if this is an appropriate way to treat this young man. Me thinks not.