Wild Adventures Presents Thrills After Dark

| October 21, 2015

Wild Adventures

VALDOSTA – When the sun sets this time of year at Wild Adventures Theme Park, a whole new experience unfolds for guests. For those who venture to Terror in the Wild, they’ll find no shortage of creepy clowns or zombies in the nine haunts. But those same thrill seekers will find even more frights as dozens of the park’s rides operate under the cover of darkness.

“Our guests tell us riding the rides at night is totally different from riding during daylight hours,” said Jennie Boyer, Operations Director. “The drops seem deeper, the tugging forces feel stronger and the element of surprise is even greater when the sun goes down.”

During the Halloween events, fear-seekers flood the park looking for haunted houses and park-roving monsters. But some of the best fears come from the rides themselves. Cheetah, Wild Adventures’ wooden roller coaster, takes guests flying through the night sky at 62 mph. “It’s a big thrill during the day but, at night, WOW!” added Boyer. “You have absolutely no idea what direction you’re heading next.”

Whirling Wildcats takes guests for a spin during the day. But at night it takes on a completely new feel with a swirl of colorful flashing lights. Add in the screams of the riders and its great sensory overload brings a completely different kind of scare for lovers of Halloween frights.

Terror in the Wild and the family-friendly Kid-O-Ween continue this weekend with all levels of scares, boos and fun. Both events are included with park admission or a 2015 or 2016 Season Pass. Now through October 31, guests purchasing 2016 Season Passes get the lowest price of the season and a free upgrade to a Gold Season Pass. 2016 passes can be used right away to enjoy all the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas events. For more information visit WildAdventures.com.

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